Name Announcement & A Great Visit

First of all… I will announce our boy’s names because if you are like me, when I read a blog & I’m waiting for important information, I also scroll to find the info, then I will read the rest of the blog… haha. Come on, you know you do it too :-)

So, without further ado… The Blanton Boys…

Maverick Miller
Maverick was our ‘back up’ name with Harper. Chris LOVES this name. At first I thought it meant wild one, and was a little hesitant to name a boy “wild one.” But, then I came to find out that it meant someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action. I can deal with independence. :-) Miller is my maiden name

Warner William Warner means defender. It was also my grandmother’s (Mama Dot) maiden name, and it was my mom’s middle name. While I have several Williams on my side of the fam, we are specifically naming Warner William after Chris’ grandfather… a man who is a strong, hardworker, and loves the Lord.

Crews ChristopherCrews is my brother’s middle name, and my great grandmother’s maiden name. I love having a little boy named after my brother who has one of the biggest hearts in the world… not to mention a great sense of humor! And Christopher is after his daddy.

Another question we have received about names is how we are going to name them. We are waiting until they are born to look at them and see what name goes with what baby. Oh, and all of them will go by their first names…

Maverick, Warner, and Crews. :-) My boys.

Today we had our big ultrasound. And let me say how good God is!!! One of my prayers was that they would be able to find EVERYTHING they needed on each baby. Guess what?!?! They did! I’m not surprised at all. Both ultrasound techs that worked on me said how rare that was with multiples. Usually they have to bring the mom in several times to get all they need.

All 3 weigh 13 oz., and are measuring 1-2 days ahead. Baby B is a bit longer than A & C. A & C are breech and B is head down. The hospital that we get our u/s at is a teaching hospital. Anyway, I LOVE it when we have a student in the room with us because we get everything explained to us. Having been a nursing student for 1 1/2 years, I know some terminology so I can kind of catch on to what they are saying. Brittany, the student was so cute and excited that she got to see triplets! Sarah, my tech, told me this was only her second time seeing “spontaneous” (no meds) triplets in her career. She was very encouraging saying that she thinks I will easily make it to 32 weeks because no fertility meds were involved, and God made my body to be able to carry these babies. How encouraging!!! I pray that the Lord will bless these boys, and get my body to 32-34 weeks.

Also, our nurse practitioner, Tracie, came in to check on me to see how I was doing after the weekend. She told me she specifically prayed for me and my uterus -haha. She said she prays for many of her patients… how special is that?! It just confirms to me that I am exactly where I should be.

Next visit is in 2 weeks. I will get another gestational diabetes test done. Mom will be here at this point, so she will get to go with me to this ultrasound… yay! Chris’ mom is here this week, and has been taking great care of us! We are loving it! :-) Well, I’m going to go rest… it was a long but wonderful day!!!

Do you have any questions for me that you are wondering about me, Chris, Harper, the boys, my pregnancy???? Feel free to ask me anything! I’m an open book! If you want to leave it as anonymous, that’s fine. I will see how many questions I get and then possibly do a Q&A post.

15 thoughts on “Name Announcement & A Great Visit

  1. MLB! thank you so much for all of your updates. i read them pretty religiously. i’m so excited for you and i LOVE the names!!!

    are you going to try and birth the triplets naturally? what are the health risks involved with birthing triplets naturally as opposed to a c-section? just curious!

    love you minki!

  2. Hey Mary! What an amazing report!! Thats so awesome! I am pregnant as well, not as far along as you are and with only one this time. I love keeping up with your family. I just had to let you know, if we have a boy we are going to name him Kru — my maiden name is Kruithof, so its an abbreviation of that, plus I think its a cool name — very similar to Crews!! I love all 3 of the names you’ve chosen and can’t wait to see pics of your boys! Congrats!!

  3. Hey Mary Lindsey! I am so glad that you posted the boys names…I love them! I love that they have so much meaning! I am glad you are doing well and just love keeping up with your growing family!!

  4. Great names! I agree with you guys…it’s good to wait until you see them to decide which little personality fits which name.

    Praise God for making your big u/s go so smoothly! He is Faithful, and I will continue to pray that you make it to 32-34 weeks (or beyond!!!)

    Hmmm…questions…yes, I’d like to know what you’re going to do nursery-wise, and also how you’re planning on feeding them (nursing/bottle). Will you guys have to upgrade to a bigger car? You will fill up a mini-van at this rate! Also, are you guys planning on having more children at some point down the road?

  5. Awe I love those names ML! I too wanted to name a boy Crews bc I thought johnny was so cool with that name. haha! So proud of you…. hmm lets think of a question. What does Harps think of your belly?

  6. Hey Mary Lindsay –

    I know we haven’t officially met, but I have met your husband a few times, and our hubbys know each other from the MAC – so I feel like I kind of know you :) I have been kind of keeping up with you on facebook and discovered your blog – which I LOVE! Definitely in awe of the fact that the Lord has decided to bless you guys with 3 boys = all at once!! We have 3 boys, but the Lord was gracious enough to give us a little bit of space between each one – haha :)

    I do have a question for you: what are your feeding plans for the boys? Will you attempt to nurse at all, or pump, or will you just do formula? I often wonder what I would do if I had twins, triplets, etc. so just curious what your plan is for the boys.

    OH, and I love the boys names too!

    Erin Odom

  7. It is amazing to watch the Lord work little miracles in your life everyday. We pray for you all every night and during the day when we look outside at your house :(. We will pray those babies in your belly until at least 32 weeks! Keep up the postings and we would love to see more pics of Harper as well.

  8. My husband is in love with Maverick now too! I continue to be amazed at how good God is, and have no doubt that those boys will be born healthy and adorable. Love the names!

  9. Miss Lindsey, I am so very happy to hear everything is going so well and all of you are healthy! That is such a blessing. Evie and I prayed for you today and I am not suprised that God is listening : ) I love your names and think you have a great strategy for naming your boys.

    No real questions, just a lot of admiration. I have trouble chasing my busy two year old just being pregnant with a singleton! Lots of love!

  10. SO glad to hear that they are all healthy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the boys names. I love that each one of them has so much special meaning and that they are so unique in their own way. I also like how each first and middle name start with the same letter.

    I agree with Tara…can’t wait to see what you do with the nursery with 3 little boys! You look amazing by the way!

    Stay strong and keep on resting!!!!

  11. Praise the Lord, ML!!!! I prayed for this ultrasound and am so glad that everything went well. As a mom of multiples, I know how ultrasounds go- You just can’t relax until they see everything on every one!!!! Praise the Lord!

    And I love the names that you have chosen. Each one is so special in so many ways:) Maverick, Crews, and Warner! Precious!!!

    Love ya!

    PS. My only question for you is: “When are you going to post more pictures of yourself and your cute nursery?” He he he- I wish I was closer to see it in person!

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