My Whole 30 : Completed!!

Yesterday I completed whole 30!!  Can we just have a quick moment of silence that I actually completed something…
Okay.  Thank you.
I remember looking at the calendar when I had just completed week one & thought these next 3 weeks were going to take FOREVER.  Once I hit about day 10, it got much easier.  It really has started to become a habit.  And I really want this habit to continue.  But let me back up first…
When I first heard of Whole 30, I was sitting on a dock at Lake Gaston having just fully indulged in who knows what kind of junk… I’m certain cake, chips, burgers, fries were all included in this Labor Day weekend in 2012.  My aunt had the book, It Starts With Food.  I read it with my mouth hanging open and a disgusted look on my face.  I’m pretty sure I said out loud to my sister- “These people are crazy!! I would starve if I did this diet!!!!!”  I don’t remember if she agreed with me, but I thought she did.
Oh wait… no, she didn’t agree with me because she had already completed a  a sugar fast just a couple of months earlier.   I thought she had joined the crazy train.  I was a little mad at her (I don’t think I told her that.  How do you tell someone you are mad at them over their food choices?  LOL!)  But, come on!!  She left me alone with the chocolate chip cookies.  And chocolate chip cookies are much better when they are shared!  What I came to find out later is that I was being nudged out of my comfort zone- out of the land of cakes, cookies, chips, sugar!  And I didn’t like it one bit.
Because Nancy and I are best buds, I talked to her every day that she did this crazy sugar fast.  I saw first hand how she abandoned our beloved coffee creamer.  Then, how she gave up chocolate chip cookies.  And here is what really got me… she even did it with a good attitude!  I have only seen people change their eating habits with severe grumpiness.  And, I did not want to be signed up for that!!
I felt alone and sad in this sugar world.  But I also saw that she didn’t die. She didn’t need coffee anymore in the afternoon.  She had energy.  She felt good.  Really good.  That made me a teensy bit more mad, but even more curious!  Because I love her so much, I couldn’t be really mad at her.  😉
I began to think about giving up sugar & then decided I really couldn’t make an informed decision about this unless I gave it a try. I’m sure it would be a bunch of baloney and I would have my comfort food back (in moderation, of course) in no time.  It would also be guilt free because I would see that sugar and me are buds not enemies!
I made a no sugar/ processed food meal plan – I needed to know what I would have when the 4 pm munchies would strike! And then I went grocery shopping.
I started my first sugar fast, with my hubby by my side in October 2012.  I had just turned 31.  I ended up losing 7 pounds, gaining a ton of energy and having my eyes opened up to how sugar affected me.
But, like many things that bring us comfort, it is hard to strip them away.  So while I did make some changes, I did go back to many comforting foods.
Next challenge was when Nancy asked me to join her for our first Whole 30.  I got the book for Christmas 2012, and was AMAZED to read all the science behind what processed foods, sugar, and wheat do to our bodies.  We started January 3, 2013.  I was so scared that I told Nancy I was just going to do a Whole 1 (as in, for ONE DAY! ha!)  If I lived, I would do a Whole 2.  Then, a Whole 3.  and MAYBE a Whole 7.  I made it to Whole 7 and REALLY started feeling good.  I had minor headaches during the detox phase (day 1-5).  Mainly felt tired, but honestly, that wasn’t anything new to me having 5 kids.  Each day though, was a focus for me. I was teaching myself to go to new foods instead of the old standbys.  I was also really learning how much I turned to food for entertainment or comfort…not true hunger.  By day 14 or 15, I had hit my stride.  And then, I made it to day 30!  I had lost 9 more pounds, and my immune system was strong.  This was the season of CRAZY sickness at our house (name any common childhood sickness & my kids had it that winter!), and I didn’t get one thing, but a minor cold.
I adopted many habits from that first Whole 30 go round.  I have kept the weight off, but did eventually add back in  eating all the food that isn’t ‘Whole 30 approved’ (ie: dairy, gluten, beans, grains, & gluten-free grains).
I did not put my family on Whole 30.  I cook for myself & Chris and then make the kids food.  They are toddler/preschool age & fighting that battle was just one I couldn’t do.  Had they been older, I probably would have just had us all do it.  I struggled with guilt when I first did this, but I also couldn’t fathom our whole family ‘detoxing’ together when I didn’t even know what to expect.   I can say that my food choices definitely affect my family!  I did a huge cleaning of our pantry and got rid of a ton of stuff.  It was a very good thing.  Snacks became fruit and veggies & there wasn’t bread found at dinner very often.  However, they did keep the ol’ pb&j, though.
This Whole 30, I still have definitely had to ‘detox’ from the junk that had come back in, but I wasn’t as ‘traumatized’ by leaving those foods behind.  In between the last whole 30 and this one, I have had some great truth spoken to my heart about food and caring for my body.  These are some resources that have helped me see that food is meant to fuel us and not comfort us.  Our true and lasting comfort can ONLY come from God through his son, Jesus Christ.  What am I missing when I quickly stuff my mouth instead of bringing God my heart?  These are some of the amazing women who have helped me see this…
Made to Crave by Lisa Terkhurst
Revelation Wellness (I follow Alisa Keeton on Instagram and her posts are SO amazing.  Take the time to read them.)
– Kara Osborne from Wellness Witness (I went to Meredith College for a year with Kara.  God has really used her to open my eyes to His truth!  She has some great tips on food prep!)  She also has a great Instagram (Kara_WellnessWitness)
When I started this Whole 30, I really wanted to ask the Lord to be the leader of my health.  I didn’t want to be doing this out of vanity because I know that is fleeting.  I wanted to do it because I can better serve my family. I wanted to do it with a good attitude.  I did not want for food to control me that much!
Before doing Whole 30, I would HAVE to lay down to rest every day if I was going to make it to bed time without biting somebody’s head off due to exhaustion.  I am able to work through rest time now that I am fueling my body correctly.  I do not have to lay down on the couch when rest time is in order.  Do I still rest?  Absolutetly!  But, I just don’t need to every day.  Freedom!  That is my number one reason I am doing this.  Better quality life!
I complete this round of Whole 30 3 days before I turn 33.  I don’t think I could give myself a better gift – one of health!  I don’t know how much I weigh currently, but I know I’ve gone from a pants size of 10/ 12 down to a solid 8. I lost 2 inches in my waist. I believe I will keep up eating this way for 80-90 % of my week.  I will occasionally have sugar.  But, for me my comfort is now in The Lord as well as HOW COMFORTABLE I FEEL when eating REAL food!
After pictures: I feel like SUCH a goober for posting these!  But, at the same time, I always want to see the result!!  So, here is what I usually look like – at home, no make up, jeans.   I didn’t think to take before pics.
IMG_5514 IMG_5515
If you want more information, go to the Whole 30 website or get the book It Starts With Food.  You can do this!!  Let me know if you have any more questions.  I’m working on some meal plans as well as how I did Whole 30 while traveling!  If you have any other questions, I will try to address them!


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  1. So happy for you…congratulations on looking fantastic (but then again I always think you look fantastic) and feeling fantastic! I know first hand how hard it is to get rid of those habitual foods in our lives, and good for you to start breaking habits and living a healthier lifestyle now! Great role model for your kiddos too! Thanks for sharing your journey…you are the cutest!

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