My Sweet Husband

I just want to say how thankful I am for my sweet husband. He has been my encourager and cheerleader this pregnancy… not to mention an incredible servant. As each day progresses, I am able to do less and less. I know I won’t be able to remember all the things Chris has done for me, but here are a few…

* Wake up w/ Harper in the middle of the night to get her what she needs. (This was much more frequent when I was first pregnant, but still happens from time to time).

* Gets me water refills and puts the perfect amount of ice in my water bottle!

* Fixes me meals, snacks, etc.

* Goes to the grocery store for us.

* Has learned to cook a few meals!

* Lightens my day by making me laugh.

* Puts lotion on my legs every night because i can’t reach. He has even shaved my legs for me a couple of times. This is quite a funny process b/c we set up shop on the back patio, and he is so afraid he is going to cut me. But, het does a GREAT job!

* He talks to the boys & loves to feel them move

* He tells me how beautiful I am every day – even though I almost weigh as much as he does!

* When I have a contraction, he is right there encouraging me, telling me that I can do it! To hang on another week! That I’m doing so great growing three babies! Etc. It is very hard to remember these things when you are uncomfortable!

* Pulls me off the couch or the bed when I need help. (Which is more and more every day!)

He is such a wonderful husband. He is my best friend and love! Christopher Michael, my Lovie, I am so thankful for you. You have made this pregnancy so much easier. I love you with all my heart and cant wait to raise our four babies!

6 thoughts on “My Sweet Husband

  1. Okay…I’ve just found you…your picture at the top is flat adorable…

    And it looks like you’ve only got a couple days left of this pregnancy…I’ll be praying for you until I hear.

  2. yes you are allowed to participate in the contest! it will be chosen randomly so if you answer the questions, you will have just as good of a chance as anyone else! LOVE you!!

  3. What a sweet post about Chris. Reading all the things he does for you reminded me of all the things that Jamie did for me while I was pregnant. The one about pulling you off the couch or bed (and shaving your legs) made me smile because those were two of the things that I was most thankful for that Jamie did too! I think pregnancy is a way of preparing our husbands to be the great dads that they are!

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