My Mother’s Day Fun {34}

Saturday night Harper and Chris went on a date to Lowe’s and bought me 3 peach trees!  They were having a sale on fruit trees.  We really want to start growing a lot of our own fruit and veggies but probably won’t really start until next year.  Chris let Harper pick between a peach tree or an apple tree.
Sunday morning was fun because we took all the kids to church again.  This time we were able to introduce the boys and re-introduce :-) Harper to the students.  Last time we went, we snuck in and out to get a feel of how it would be.  This time we just dove in!  A friend had my camera & I forgot to change the settings on it, so all my pics are blurry.  Here are 2 pics of the morning:
The boys were so good!  I didn’t even get paged during service!!  And, they (well, their teachers) made little foot print butterflies for me… it was precious! I’ll keep those forever!
While we were hanging around telling everyone bye (we are ALWAYS the last people to leave church – we were this way even when we didn’t have kids!), I had the notion to go out to eat!  Why not, right?!  So, we did it!
Me loving on Harper after she fell and scraped her knee.
The Fam
(I originally wrote the Farm- haha – could be that too, I guess… look at Harper’s sad wittle face)
We decided to go to a yummy Mexican place called, Nachos.  We figured we could deal with a little bit more craziness if the boys were fussy there than a “special” Mother’s Day outing.  Hey, it would be special no matter where we ate!  The boys did such a good job!!  We were stuffed back in the corner and had great help accompanying us – The Taylor family and sweet Arica!  We strategically placed the boys around the table.  They ate puffs & baby food before the food came out.  Then, they just sat and played in their high chairs.  It was a wonderful memory, and lots of fun!
Me(with a mouthful of chips & my bra strap showing :-/ hmph) & Maverick
Crews & Me (and my bra strap)
 Strategically Placed
Harps & Daddy
Linc & JoElen feeding Warner chips and salsa babyfood
Too bad Arica and the Taylor’s couldn’t come home with us!  They boys had overloaded on activities and were so tired they wouldn’t fall asleep. They pretty much cried the rest of the afternoon.  But, overall, my day was fantastic!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE being a Mommy!

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