My first REAL Visit to a Hosptial

So, today was an interesting day. Yesterday, I started having bad stomach cramps and other symptoms I will spare you… They had been continuing on through today and got pretty bad this afternoon, so after talking to my mom and Chris, I decided to call the dr to see what was going on. Well, after talking to the nurse and dr on-call, they wanted me to come to the hospital. :-O

Chris and I checked in to Baptist Hospital,and they took me back to triage and hooked me up to all these machines to monitor me and Harper. I had to pee in a cup and have my blood pressure checked every 15 minutes for an hour. We got to hear her heartbeat for about an hour – that sound never gets old! All turned out to be fine… I have a stomach bug, and just have to wait it out. Drs don’t mess around when you are pregnant!

We are now tucked away at home… waiting out my stomach pain, and hoping it goes away soon as we watch movies.

Two pieces of good news that encouraged me today are…
*My nurse that took me back to the triage room told me that my dr,Dr.Schlechter,is her dr and many of the drs on staff at the hospital – which is wonderful news! That means she is a great dr!

My triage nurse told me it was very good news that this is just a bug and that all is well with my pregnancy because 33 weeks is still early to deliver. While this is true and sounds like a no-brainer to the average joe, when you have been pregnant for 33 weeks… it feels like you could give birth any day (and sometimes pray that you will)… just so you can hold your baby! However, her comment gave me that extra boost to get through this last leg of my pregnancy… only a month and a half left! I can do it!

If you read this soon, please pray that I will be feeling better soon!

Thank you!

6 thoughts on “My first REAL Visit to a Hosptial

  1. Yikes… I got the flu at 36 weeks..I remember how completely un-fun it was! It sent me into labor, they were able to stop it luckily. Take it easy and keep those fluids going, and people with runny noses away!

  2. hey…
    i don’t know if you remember me, but i’m kim’s friend, heather. i love checking your blog and will continue to pray for you and chris and harper!!! things are starting to get exciting!! after reading your entries, i realize our due dates really aren’t that far apart!!

  3. Praying for you!!! You can make it! Only 7 more weeks!!!! And one book that I read said that every day that Harper is inside, is 3 days that she won’t have to be in the Intensive Care Nursery… So pray that she stays in as long as possible!!!

    Much love,

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