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I had a completely different post written for today, but I wasn’t quite done editing it.  And, I just decided to go a different way.  Yesterday was an exhausting day.  Hearts invested in a specific prayer (emotionally draining).   Tomato-staking (keeping a child ‘staked’ to your side) of some wild children (emotionally and physically draining).  Meal prep, cleaning, school, errands, loving on people. It is all very taxing, but still very much needed.

What makes it more taxing is the lack of self-care for myself.  Sure, I shower!  I even was dressed before 8 am!  But, I’ve been staying up way too late.  I’ve been finding food whenever I can after I’ve fed everyone else.  And exercise has been non-existent.

Yeah, this has got to stop.  I’m working on some things to change this. I’m a member of this family, too!  I need to treat myself like one, though!  I needed to remind myself of the basics. Maybe you need a reminder, too?


First off, getting in bed early.  An early bed time is such a gift to your body.  Tonight, my goal is 9:30.  Then, I can get up early without suffering.  5:30 AM wake up call to start the day in the Word!

Second, drinking water.  Not hard.  I just need to remember to do it!  Fake hunger and feeling tired can be wiped out by staying hydrated!  Filling up my water bottles at night to have them ready to go in the AM is a key to success!

blue glass water bottle

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Third, exercise.  I was doing amazing in October- December when I was running.  Then, I got the flu.  (in December!! It’s almost March, people!) I tried to run twice after the flu, and it was so hard.  I haven’t been back out to try.  Anybody up for beginning to run with me again?  I will post my training schedule here next week!  Maybe we can do a ‘virtual’ 10K!  Who’s interested?!


Fourth, meal plans for mama.  This is definitely going to get started again.  I do not want to eat to lose weight (okay, well maybe a little bit). But, honestly, I want to eat to feel energetic.  I want to eat to feel alive, not like I want to nap all the time because of the amount of sugar I am eating.  So, it’s changing!

These are simple things, basic things, but some of my favorite things.  How do you take care of you?!

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. Amen, sister! Self care is the bomb-dot-com and I find that life is a lot better when I do it. And you’re spot on…it’s so simple! Eating right, sleeping enough, exercising, drinking plenty of water…it’s basic stuff :)

    I take care of myself by intentionally spending time with the Lord everyday, reading books FOR FUN, walking my dog, drinking wine, and not overloading my schedule.

    I wrote a blog post a few days ago that is also focused on Self Care – – you might like it!

  2. This was a big theme last weekend – remembering that respite or self-care and I’ve been so bad about blaming other people (umm…Joel) for not taking care of myself. I am going to start planning time to fill my cup. Sometimes that will mean a literal cup of coffee away from the house, and other times it will be a pedicure or fancy treat. And by-golly, I’m with you about getting back to the running!

  3. I can relate to the food part. I don’t necessarily want to eat to lose weight (even thought losing 10 lbs is something I would like to do…), but I more want to eat to feel good. Not to mention to get my kids on that path too. I saw something one time that said something like, “don’t worry about losing weight. Eat well and exercise and the weight will take care of itself.” I LOVE that mantra!

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