Just a little update… I felt the babies move tonight!!! My little peanuts!

I had gotten all comfy in my pj’s and was giving my belly a nice little rub when I felt the one on the left move. It was distinct, and I know it was the baby. Then I came downstairs to tell Chris goodnight, and was hunched over when I felt the ones on the right move. It is a very distinct feeling, and I remembered exactly what it felt like when I was pregnant with Harper.

Just thought I would celebrate with yall!

Here’s to a good and looooooooooong night sleep!


PS we know where they are located from the ultrasound. Identical ones on right, fraternal one on left. They cal this kind of pregnancy “a pair and a spare.” I haven’t decided if I like that term yet… I mean.. doesn’t “spare” kind of make that one baby feel left out? Just a sensitive mother’s heart I guess :-)

4 thoughts on “Movement

  1. ML, I love reading about your progress (wow movement!) and am so excited for you in this triple miracle…I actually like “a pair and a spare”…just three more to love! I think it would be very interesting to see a side by side picture of you at 12 weeks with Harper, compared to 12 weeks with three!!! Keep posting~

  2. Wow, I’m so glad that you got to feel them move. That’s an amazing feeling, and one that you never forget…And when you’re not pregnant, it really is amazing how much you miss that feeling. Such a neat time for you guys!

  3. amazing! and so comforting, I am sure, to feel all 3 little ones move! Is this early to feel them? Or is that what happens with multiples… take care!

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