Mount Formula & Bottle Making

So, I posted some pictures on facebook and got hysterical comments about all of our formula behind some pictures of me making bottles. Well, the formula we use is Nestle Good Start in the purple can. Chris went to Kroger and found out they were closing out this formula there, so the price was reduced about 40%!!! We sent out an email to several of our friends to go to their nearest Kroger and buy them out! We ended up saving around $700 by doing this! Right now we are going through about a can & a half of formula a day. The boys are taking about 6 oz. and will eventually be up to 8/9 oz. Here is what most people see when they walk into our kitchen…

Chris building the masterpiece :-)
Bottle Making 101:

So, instead of mixing up 3 bottles every time we feed babies, I spend some time each day mixing up bottles for 24 hours. Here is my procedure and some pictures…

1. Line up all bottles with matching nipples and insert liners. We have just about everything color coded for the boys… Crews is blue, Warner is yellow, and Maverick is green.
2. Fill formula pitcher (a requirement for making mass quantities!) to 32 oz. with purified water and put in microwave for 2 minutes. (It makes it much easier to mix the formula when the water is warmed).
3. Add 16 scoops of formula and mix well. (Harper likes to help with this part)
4. Pour 6 oz into bottles, cap, and put in basket to be taken upstairs.
5. Put in fridge in nursery. (we have a mini fridge in there to keep bottles)

When feeding the boys:
1. Take bottles out of fridge.
2. Put bottles in crock pot filled with water (another essential for heating up bottles quickly!)
3. Leave in for about a minute.
4. During that minute (you have to count out load so you don’t forget the bottles are in the crock pot!), lay out boppys, burp clothes, and bottle props on floor so that you are ready to go.
5. Get bottles out of crock pot & put on floor
6. Wake up babies, prop up in boppys, and have fun feeding!! Don’t forget your sense of humor… it is a must! :-)

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  8. that is awesome…i love hearing about daily life things because i can’t wrap my head around what it must be like…you have to be so organized!!!

  9. oh my goodness what a process! I can’t believe the mound of cans that you guys have… but how wonderful to have saved over $700!! So great to hear from you again!!!

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