I love Mondays!  I feel like a busy little bee getting back to schedules & cleaning the house!  This morning I decided to get on my hands and knees to mop the kitchen.  I put all the boys down & gave Harper a rag, too (she was into it … for oh about 2 seconds).  I sprayed warm water mixed with a teensy bit of distilled white vinegar onto the floor – after I had swept it and vacuumed it.  Then I proceeded to clean the entire floor… gross!  But now, my feet aren’t sticky when I walk through any more… I wonder how long that will last!!!  
Today I wanted to share something happy.  And this makes me very happy… I laughed until I cried watching my mom re-teach herself how to juggle.  However, by the end of the week, she was a juggling pro… well, sort of…

Look at that determination on Grandma Dee Dee’s face.  
Harper was cackling with glee….  
wish I could have captured her laughter that day.
Oh and today is my nephew, Niko’s birfday… he’s three… Meg & Johnny.. where has time gone?
We love you!!!
Happy Monday~

2 thoughts on “Mondays

  1. I don’t know how you do it! I have twins and a (just turned) 3 year old, and I am busy. I can’t 4, 2 and under!

    Since you are now blogging daily, I think it would be fun to see how you get through the day with the kiddos. We are trying to get the twins on a schedule (eating and napping), but having multiples is so different than one. I would love any tips you have since your boys are a little older!! What do you do when one baby wakes up after only a few minutes, and it is clearly nap time? I am trying to figure this out!!

  2. I love the juggling pictures– they made me laugh. Love you momma :)

    GREAT job on cleaning your floor… I have NEVER gotten down on my hands and knees. You go girl!

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