Meal Plan {43}

One of my weaknesses is meal prep. Remember this post? I LOVE to cook, but with four kiddos, I sometimes forget. I seriously could eat popcorn for dinner, but the rest of my family cannot. It is a terrible feeling when at 5pm I realize I have no idea what is for dinner. Everyone is hungry and cranky (including me). So, I decided to take the guess work out of it. This is what we are eating. I gave myself a few choices for dinners, but not so many that I get overwhelmed. Each meal takes me little prep. I will change it up once we get tired of it.

PS… I do a lot of my meal prep during nap time. It only takes a few minutes, and then I’m ready to pop our meal in the oven around 4:30 or 5.

A side note… would you please pray for Maverick? I had to take him to the doctor again today b/c he was running a high temp. He is on a different antibiotic now trying to knock out this bronchitis for good!

Hope yall have a good weekend! I’m looking forward to:
1. Farmer’s Market in the morning! We get our first CSA of veggies tomorrow!
2. Chris returning home tonight (was out of town yesterday & today)
3. Church on Sunday (hope we get to go.. depends on the Mack Attack)
4. My Mom coming to visit on Monday!!

Love~ ML

4 thoughts on “Meal Plan {43}

  1. Hey girl! Not sure if you are familiar with E-Mealz, but check out for meals and a grocery list already made for you. Dave Ramsey supports it. If you don’t want that particular meal, you take that item off your grocery list. It’s so simple. We subscribed (it’s $5 a month) and LOVE it. I wrote a whole post on it and the pros were definitely greater than the cons.

  2. Hey! I am in Potato and I really enjoy reading your blog. I thought I saw you and one of your little ones today but wasn’t sure but now I know since you said you went to the doctor. I was there with my double wide stroller :) I hope your little one gets better. Which doctor do you see??
    Kelly Weaver

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