Manna In A Jar: Brother and Sister

My brother, Johnny Crews Miller, was born when I was 2 1/2 right after Valentine’s Day.  I don’t remember him being added to our family. I just felt like he always was.  As we grew, I can remember laughing and fighting with him.  He was my buddy.  He gave me the name Sissy because what small child can say Mary Lindsey?  (I love being ‘Aunt Sissy’ to his boys! Even though I wish I could see them more!!)



I usually dressed him up as a prince from Thumbelina and tried to teach him dances. He tried to get me to play basketball.  I liked to play P-I-G or H-O-R-S-E with him.


Giant Tinkerbell and Peter Pan – Haha!!


I can also remember us getting into crazy fights.  I even still have a scar where he gouged me with a ball point pen in my arm!!  Brotherly love.  Ha!  But, we always made up.  There were never any grudges.

I also remember he was the ‘puker’ of our family.  I can remember waking up several times in the middle of the night to him throwing up.  And this is where my fear of throwing up came from. (Although, I really believe I have overcome that fear!) I was constantly terrified I would catch it.  His wife, Meghan, says that ‘puking gene’ was passed down to their boys!


Bless him. It happened so often that my mom took a picture! I remember Johnny on the couch like this a lot!


He has a laugh that is so contagious.  When I hear it today, there is a familiarity, a comfort, a giggle that comes from my heart.


This is classic Johnny personality. So funny and always making us laugh!


In high school we took different paths.  But, there was still a heart connection.  There still is one today.  He will always be my brother, and I know I will always be his Sissy.  He is strong and loyal.  A wonderful father and fight-for-his-family husband.  He has a tough exterior, but a huge heart!


He served our country well for 4 years and was deployed twice. So proud of him. Thankful for his protection.

And, while this doesn’t happen all the time, I love it when we can still be goofballs as grown ups. This was just a couple of weeks ago.

Johnny Face

The creator of the The Face.


I laugh and cringe at this picture! Oh. My. Word! I also do this face at my kids all the time when they are grouchy. They crack up every time!



Then came our little sister, Nancy Elizabeth.  I remember sitting on our front stairs when my mom and dad told me and Johnny they had some news – my mom would have a baby!!  I was so so so so excited.  I was 4 1/2 years old, and would soon be 5.  From the second my parents told me, I prayed for a baby sister.  I can remember kneeling beside my bed before going to sleep asking God to put a baby girl in my Mama’s tummy.

I remember getting a phone call from my dad – well my aunt received the call.  And, my dad told her that I had a baby sister.  I can remember feeling like, of course! I prayed and prayed for her!!  My little heart was strengthened even then knowing God heard my prayers.  My Dad would always tell us – you stay the best of friends!


We were smitten. And, I had a perm and was in full make up. Bahaha!


When I went to the hospital to meet her, though, I was happy to have a sister, but I was quickly disappointed at how enormous she was!  Hahah!  She was 10lbs 3oz, much bigger than the baby dolls I played with!  But, I still ended up loving her. :-)


Right after this picture was taken, Nancy fell off the photo table. I’m pretty sure my mom caught her. Ha!



I love everything about this picture. Hahahaha!!!


Nancy lived in her own lala land most of her childhood.  She was very, very laid back and just took in the world around her.  And Johnny and I picked on her like crazy.  Makes me so sad to think about now.  We love you, Nancy!!!


Aren’t they soo cute?! Also, we still have those Ninja Turtle sheets!


I don’t remember feeling close to Nancy when we were little, but all of that changed the summer of 1998.  We both became Christians that summer- 5 days a part- at two different places.  I was 16, she was 11.  And that was when the sweetest, most precious friendship blossomed.  We would read our Bibles and talk about what God was doing.  We would pray for each other.  And there was just a kindness and gentleness in our relationship that normally would not have taken place between a 16 year old high school girl and her ‘kid’ sister.  I know we wouldn’t have the relationship we have today if it wasn’t for the life changing decision and growth that happened that summer.


Right around the age when we both became believers. 11 and 16.

Here we are last month, staying up waaaayyy too late, sipping some Natural Calm (we’ve become health nuts together, too), and sharing our hearts.



I am so thankful for my brother and sister and the childhood that we shared.


Last time we were all together – 2010. Um, guys, we need to do this again. Soon! (Pic taken from Nancy’s blog) :-)




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  1. I love that you wrote your brother was a puker. My daughter has the most sensitive stomach. It worried us at first when she’d puke all the time, but since she’s gotten older (5 now) we can kind of laugh it off. :)

    • Oh my goodness! It is crazy how much he pukes! Bless her heart! Bless your heart! But, it does help that they have so much practice & know how to ‘catch’ it! Yuck!

  2. What a lovely post! I found your blog from following your sister. You two seem like such amazing women! I like reading what you have to share. :)

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