Mama to Mama : Introduction

Think of it like this- you have just had a baby. I’ve come to your house to bring you a meal.  You have been up the entire night, and are desperate for some sleep.  (If this really happened, I would send you straight to bed, and cuddle your baby while you caught some zzzzz’s.)  Anyway, since this is the internet & I can’t rock your baby, I will tell you what worked for us instead!  Alrighty?  There are definitely some heated opinions on some of this type of advice.  I’m not trying to sway anyone with these topics.  Just sharing with you like you are my buddy.  :-)

Some topics I hope to teach on are:

  • Swaddling your newborn (I have a secret trick!)
  • Setting up the best sleep conditions
  • Guilt-free view on feeding your baby
  • Peeks into caring for multiples
  • Potty Training 101
  • Schedules and Freedom
  • Diaper Rash Treatment
  • Meal Time
  • Toddler Discipline
  • and more!

Let me know if you have a question or something you may be struggling with.  I would LOVE to help if I can. If I haven’t had experience with it, I won’t even try to teach on it. :-)

Mom Holding Boys

Me, holding my boys. Warner, Crews, and Maverick.


2 thoughts on “Mama to Mama : Introduction

  1. I LOVE IT and YOU ALL! This post is precious! That picture of Jack and Bill is hilarious! They definitely have had a way with making the nieces and nephews and their own children smile! <3 I'm looking forward to your blog! You have a way with writing that is so warm and easy to read. I'm so thankful for you and our whole family!

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