Lipsh Solution

So, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know Harper is obsessed with “lipsh” (aka chap stick, lipgloss, anything that resembles lip gloss, has sparkles, or smells like strawberries). She used to be just fine with chapstick, but my little chickie has gotten smart. Chapstick does NOT show up, so of course, she doesn’t want that!

She found this lovely lip gloss the other day in my purse.

She wouldn’t let it go. Revlon Coral Reef was all over everything… Baby Carol, Harper’s knees, one of her bunnies, etcetera. I knew it wouldn’t be long before it was all over my walls! I tried exchanging for another, less colorful lipsh, but she would have none of it. She was always looking for that lipsh. So, I had an idea. It did require a bit of a sacrifice. I had to really evaluate how much I liked Revlon Coral Reef, and I decided it did feel a bit too gritty on my lips. So, I sacrificed…

And, I have clean wall and one little girl who has her Mama’s lipgloss, and still thinks it works! Genious!

(remember, this is Harper’s smile.. not her angry face.)

3 thoughts on “Lipsh Solution

  1. Love it! My daughter’s current “lipstick” is a Princess chapstick…it has a slightly pink sheen to it, but the outside is what sold this one! And I’m happy with it too!

  2. That just makes me smile! What a sweet mama you are to share! My current “sacrifice” involved looking the other way when Evie decided he HAD to have red toes like mama…Thankfully, he wears closed-toe sandals in public or I might be forever explaining. As for the walls, I have decided not to repaint until Bea is at least 3 because currently almost every single major wall in my house is decorated with some pretty special graffiti thanks to E and I figure she will grow into the drawing on the walls stage about when he leaves it. :)

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