Have y’all ever seen this blog?  I think it is great.  Anyway, I have a couple of letters I’d like to write…

Dear Chris Tomlin,
Thank you so much for your CD Hello Love.  It created the most Holy time right in my kitchen while I was stirring maccaroni noodles.  I even had to stop, get on my knees to worship The Most High God.  Even more precious, when I opened my eyes my children were copying me…hands raised, praising Jesus.  Thank you.
Your sister in Christ,
Mary Lindsey

Dear Beth Hoffman,
Your book, Saving CeCe Honeycutt, has become one of my favorite books.  I am so glad you decided to quit the path of life you were on to write a book.  This book brought so much joy and color to my day I was so sad to see it end.  I hope there is a sequel and that it doesn’t take 4 years to write like your last book did.  Maybe you are on a roll now?  I hope.
Faithful reader,
Mary Lindsey

Dear Blue Stocking Ladies (my awesome bookclub),
I cheated and read the book I mentioned in my previous letter (see above) and have not read A Tale of Two Cities.  I am so sorry.  A story about Savannah, GA just appealed to me so much more than Dickens.  I might still try to challenge myself and read it.  We’ll see.  So far I’ve got a good pattern going…attend one month, miss a month.  Won’t be missing June, though… Water for Elephants
Still LOVE you though,

Dear Mom, Nancy, Toos, Nean, and Vicki,
In one week I will be at your house, Vicki, and we will be recovering from watching Will & Kate’s wedding at 4AM.  I am sooo excited!  The wedding will be fun, but the company of you precious women will be even better. 

Going to rest my eyes before the children wake up.