It’s been so long…

since I’ve posted here. I had all intentions of keeping up with this weekly, but as you can see it didn’t happen. I’ll try to catch up on all thats happened over the last month.

We have gotten settled in our cozy little apartment which we now call home. It is very comforting, and I like that it is a tiny space. It makes it much easier to “nest” in! All of our boxes have gotten unpacked, and Harper’s stuff is mostly set up. I will try to post some pics later. There still is laundry to be done for her, but that will happen over the next month or so. I also need to pack my bags for labor and delivery and my hospital stay. More to come on this topic in a little bit… I’m getting ahead of myself.

We moved in on the 6th and for the next few days we unpacked and drove around the area. We’ve been looking at houses on our own, and we are waiting for our house to sell back in Georgia. We really hope it sells soon. Please pray that it does.

Christmas was fun here as we celebrated it as The Blanton family. We had a few parties we attended and got to meet some great people! I was able to travel home for the weekend b/f Christmas to go to a couple of Nancy’s bridal showers. I was so glad to be able to celebrate those with her since I won’t be able to come home until the wedding in June. I can’t believe my baby sister is getting married!

We went to our first Christmas Eve service which was beautiful! I had great intentions of preparing a traditional dinner for us, but neither my cravings or my energy allowed for that, so we ate BBQ Chicken pizza and salad – haha! Maybe that will become our new Christmas Eve tradition. We’ll see… After the service, we drove around to look at Christmas lights on some of the biggest homes I’ve ever seen here in Brentwood! It was beautiful and very festive! We woke up Christmas morning and I made us sausage balls and Cinnamon rolls. We opened presents together and called family. The associate pastor of our church and his wife invited us to eat Christmas lunch with them. It was a wonderful time, and we felt so welcomed in their home. The rest of the day was spent with a nap and being perfectly lazy!

Chris’ mom, dad, and sister came up the day after Christmas. We went to Opryland to see the Christmas lights and had a great time showing them around Nashville. It was weird to tell them goodbye because the next time we will see them, Harper will be here!

The week between Christmas and New Years was filled with time together and enjoying our new home. Very peaceful and relaxing. New Year’s Eve was fun as we brought in 2008 – the year our little girl will be born in- with the Taylor family. One thing that was quite weird was watching the east coast bring in the New Year’s an hour before we brought in the New Year!

New Year’s week began with us celebrating by going to Cracker Barrel to get some good country cookin’ and black-eyed peas. Chris played his PS3 and I don’t remember what I did. :-) My mom flew in on Wednesday and we had so much fun getting ready for Harper! Chris was away at a prayer retreat, so it was just us girls. We shopped and unpacked all the boxes we had brought up of Harper’s stuff. We realized there was NO ROOM for all of her things, so we bought some furniture for her future nursery/room that will last us a long time!

I’ve decided to change the nursery idea I wanted to go with in the first place. I’m going to make her nursery more of a shabby chic country theme. Not country bumpkin, but classic country. With different color furniture, frills, etc. I picture pale yellow walls with rustic looking picture frames, black and white or sepia photos, dried flowers, and comfort. I think it will be a look we can play with and add to much more than the pottery barn room I had originally pictured. Plus it won’t be nearly as expensive!

This past weekend Chris and I took our Childbirth class, and let me tell you that is no joke! It really kind of scared me. I’m glad I took this class because it made me realize that birth is a very long process. Even though you may think this is stupid, these Baby Story shows kind of trick you into thinking that birth is a quick process that is accompanied by a crescendo of violins playing in the back ground the second you birth your child into the world. Uh uh! Birth is long, hard work that I’ve got to surrender to. My body knows what it is doing and is designed to do this. I plan on getting an epidural, but I fully know that it may not take all my pain away. I still have much more to process on this.

Now that I’ve written a novel on our lives, (thank you for reading if you made it to this point), I’m going to update on my survey… Stay tuned as I will make this another post. :-)