It’s been a week since I’ve posted…

However, it’s not like I’ve been negligent.  In my spare time I’ve been a cleaning out maniac…

Harper’s Closet
Garage Organizing Started
Boys Room
Paint Living Room
My Clothes Swapped Out (Well Almost…swapped, not put away)
Garage Pantry Shelves Installed
Magnet Locks installed
So, now, little blog, you understand.  Any ounce of energy I had left at the end of the day (when I blog) was given to walking up the stairs and falling in bed.
I do have much to update about with some great pictures of the little ones!  Here are some where the boys look like they are in jail.  Every time I kiss them through the bars (they love that game…me on one side of the gate with them on the other) I tell them that this better be the only time I see their sweet little faces through bars like these.
And here is a funny video from Harper.  One day last week, we were sitting on the couch, and she put her tiny hand over my heart and said, “Bless My Heart.”    I must say “bless your heart” from time to time.  I just cracked up laughing when she said it, though.  Here is a little video of her saying it to me.  Now, when she says it, she adds a little phrase to the end of it… “to the town.”  I will have to see if I can record her saying that.  I think “to the town” came from The Wheels On the Bus … ‘all through the town.’  Not completely sure though!  Anyway, here’s my sweet girlie.
“Bless my heart…to the town”


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