I’m Sorry & Tuckie Song

I wanted to capture 2 precious stories about Harper tonight.  
First one :  She was having a hard night with lots of melt downs.  (Did you know that a 2-3 year old girl and a 12-15 year old girl have accelerated brain growth during these ages?  Hence all the meltdowns & difficulty controlling emotions.  Read it in a book & can’t remember the name of the book right now.  Just gives some insight & understanding as to “why”).  Anyway, the brain growth doesn’t excuse her behavior.  She just has to work a little harder (ahem, I have to work a little harder to train her) in how to get these crazy emotions under control.  So, she was having a night where she just couldn’t get it together.  I finally decided we were going to put her to bed.  She was screaming like I was torturing her.  I had her sit alone for a bit to calm down.  Then, I made her tell Daddy she was sorry for her behavior & then tell me she was sorry.  Having her make the choice to say “I’m sorry” instead of just repeating it after me was precious.  You could see the wheels turning in her little mind.  She kept taking a deep breath like she was going to say it, and then she would look up to the sky, look around, lick her lips, take a deep breath again, and finally, she forces out “I’m ssssssss”  “I’m sooorrrrr”  deep breath, look around, deep breath, “I’m sorry mommy and daddy for way I acted.”  And then my heart just melted like butter as I scooped her up and told her I forgave her.  I realized I had a glimpse of what our Heavenly Father feels when we truly repent.
Second Story:  Harper & the boys have been watching a Baby Songs DVD about Animals.  One of the songs is about a chickie.  It is her favorite.  We usually have to watch it about 3 times in a row.  If not more.  So tonight, I asked her what she wanted me to sing.  She very intentely and expressively (with hand motions & all – she completely talks with her hands, rolls them over and over each other when she is very deliberate on getting a point across.  So very grown up and stinkin’ hilarious) …so, she told me “Tuckie Song”  “Tuckie Song” “Tuckie Song”.  I kept telling her I had no clue what the Tuckie song was.   I called in Chris & he said he thought she was trying to say “Chickie song,” but when I asked her if that was it, she said no.  I told her I would sing some other songs instead.  
After Jesus Loves Me, she sits up and says Tuckie Song.  
Then, after the Birdie Song (a song about a bird singing praises to God), she sits up and asks for the Tuckie Song.  
After Tell Me Why, she asks for the Tuckie Song.  
That’s when it hit me…. she wanted me to sing “Sleep KenTUCKY Babe.”  It is so funny that she remembered what this song was because I don’t usually sing it to her.  I sing it maybe once a week.  This is a song my great-grandmother sang to my grandmother who sang it to my mother who sang it to me who sings it to Harper.  It has the most soothing tune, and if I could play it for you I would.  As I sang I felt her little body relax.  I then was able to pray over her, and put her into bed sound asleep.  I can’t remember the last time I sang her to sleep, and tears come to my eyes as I wonder if this will be the last time I actually am able to hold her and sing her to sleep.  I know I probably will when she is sick, but singing to a healthy child is much much different than singing to a sick one.  I treasured tonight with every piece of my heart.
Kentucky Babe
“Tuckie Song”
(as it is now known in our house) 
this is a very old song & I’ve changed the words a bit to nullify any racial innuendos
Skeeters are a hummin’ on 
the honeysuckle vine
Sleep Kentucky Babe
Sandman is a comin’ to
this little babe of mine
Sleep Kentucky Babe
Silver moon is shinin’
from the heavens up above
Bobolink is pinin’
for his little lady love
You is might lucky
babe of ol’ kentucky
close your eyes and sleep
fly away
fly away kentucky babe
fly away to rest

Lay your sweet, curly head
on your Mama’s chest
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Close your eyes and dream
Sweet Dreams ~
Mary Lindsey

4 thoughts on “I’m Sorry & Tuckie Song

  1. What a sweet tradition of the Tuckie Song…maybe next time your mom is in town, you can get the two of you on video singing it together. I would love to hear the tune.

    We have a favorite family song too about 3 fishies swimming over a dam.

    What a precious picture of you singing her to sleep…Moments to treasure for sure.

  2. Harper is such a sweetie! That is an interesting fact to know about a little girl’s brain development. It has been so evident in my niece who just turned 3. I will have to remember this when Emma gets to that age. Love your blog!

  3. Mary Lindsey, We have had Parker with us this week for VBS and he and we have had a good time. He was sick first of week but is back to normal. We love having him here and look forward to having Carter here also.
    Annette (Nananette)

  4. Oh Mary Lindsey, it’s hard to remember that she’s so little when you have three others. :) Nimber when Parker took so long to say he was sorry to you that he had to call you because you couldn’t stick around that long? I think it took about 2 hours! Sweet times!

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