Update: I talked to the doctor about dna testing & he said he wants to wait until they are a year old… grrrrr. I love our doctor, but he was clueless when it came to dna testing/ identicals. Said he had never done any testing before, but would assume it would require a lot of blood so we should wait until they are a year old. Hmmmpph! I looked into it and it actually requires no blood (just a cheek swab). I also talked to some other mamas who had their babies tested and am looking at some other options. So, I’m going to do some further investigating to see. I’ll let you know what I come up with. However, the boys are looking more and more alike!

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As you may have seen my twitter status a week or two ago, my ob/gyn is pretty sure that our boys are identical. Here is why… when they delivered the boys, there was only ONE placenta!!! I have the pathology report myself. There was only one! Two were not fused together – This is crazy ridiculous! One placenta bringing life to three babies without ANY complications only shows that God’s mighty hand was on this pregnancy from the beginning to the end! This type of pregnancy resulting in identical triplets is so “rare” that doctors are divided on the actual statics of occurances saying it could be one in a million to one in 200 million! All I know is that I am so thankful for Warner, Crews, and Maverick and the health that God has given them. This is probably why it was so hard for them to find the membranes in the beginning, and why the ultrasound techs would always argue over how many placentas they saw… one or two. I am so thankful that the Lord sheilded me from the worry of an even *higher* risk pregnancy! I think my mind set was a huge part of why I carried the boys so long.

You may be thinking, but they don’t really look exactly alike. In my research of this, I found you can have identicals and not have them look alike – crazy & it doesn’t really make sense to me either ; -) However, they ARE looking more and more alike every single day! We have a game that we play called “nekkid baby” – haha – where we get the boys down to their diapers (the nail polish has worn off of their big toes now) and mix ’em up. Then, one person goes out of the room, we re-arrange the boys. That person comes back into the room to guess who is who! I got it right… thankyouverymuch… but, I should because I am their mother. OH, and you will probably enjoy the crying/whining in the 2nd video… the noise and chaos in a family of 4 under 2 can be quite loud at times!!! :-)

Would you like to play???

Warner & Crews

Warner & Crews
Maverick & Crews
Warner, Crews, & Maverick

Will update later this week with who is who! :-) We will be going to the boys’ doctor this Friday to have their two month check up. I will ask our doctor when we can get a DNA test done to see if the boys are truly identical. I can’t wait to find out!

7 thoughts on “Identicals?

  1. Hi Mary! Your boys are adorable! congrats! :)

    We had ours DNA tested at 3 months by a friend of a friend who works in a state crime lab. đŸ˜› so that was nice, to get it done free! in retrospect, i can’t believe we ever wondered! but it’s hard to say until you really know for sure.

    we also had one placenta, and from our early ultrasounds, it’s SO obvious, but no one would make the call that they were definitely ID.

    i’m going to have to look through your blog some more to see what i think. :)

    there’s a yahoo group another mom of ID triplets set up, you should probably be joining us. :)

  2. Do you every worry you might mix them up and not know it and therefore for a week or so one is called the wrong name since the polish is gone now? That would be my fear! Can you tell I don’t have multiples?

    What a blessing to hear this story….I am new (five years…but still so much to learn!) in my faith and it is stories like this that just affirm it for me!

  3. I am enjoying watching these beautiful boys grow up. What a fantastic family. Amazing what God has Blessed you with. This pregnancy was truly a MIRACLE.

    I am looking forward to the confirmation with the DNA test but I think we all already know what that will bring.

    Keep up the great job Momma. I can imagine how loud your house is because my house of 8 is VERY VERY loud too :) but you just get used to it so easily.

  4. They are SO beautiful and amazing, truly a miracle. And they do look so alike, I could see them being identical. Good luck with the DNA test and keep us updated on those stats. Your 4 are blessings and so amazing.

  5. Wow, ML, one placenta and 3 babies is a miracle!!!! They look so much alike to me in all the pictures, I can definitely see how they could be identical triplets! Please keep us updated as to how the DNA test goes! What an amazing God we serve!

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