I wonder…

if we will have a son or a daughter. I am so excited to find out tomorrow what our little one is. It is amazing to me that the Lord, who has been busy at molding and shaping this new little life already knows who him or her. Tomorrow, hopefully, if baby cooperates, we will be able to start planning with pink or blue in mind.

All along I’ve thought that this baby is a girl. I’ve dreamt that she is a girl, and when I think about the baby, I think “girl” thoughts. But maybe that is because I am a girl, and its what I know. Of course I would love a girl b/c I love pink :-), and I have a wonderful relationship with my mom and my sister. That is what I’m comfortable with – girl stuff. All the little quizzes and old wives tales say its a girl, but I’ve known them to be wrong before! A few of them include…

Wives tales in favor of girl:
Ring over belly (this one didn’t work)
Awful morning sickness!
Sleeping on right side – defintely… can’t hardly sleep on my left side.
Craving sweets – not so much, I like them, but I crave more sour stuff.
Chris has gained weight
Acne – same as before… get a few doozies each month
No headaches
Leg hair growth is same as before

I just think that it is a girl; however, in the last week, I’ve started wondering if its a boy. I would be so excited to have boy. First of all, a boy is all that Chris has ever thought about. I think it kind of goes along the same way that I am used to girl stuff, Chris is used to boy stuff. He also has said a little girl would wrap him around her little finger! While this would be true, I know he would be a great dad to a little girl – just as he would be a great dad to a little boy! We are just comfortable with what we know. I can’t wait to see what the Lord blesses us with! A few (there aren’t that many to begin with) old wives tales for having boy include…

Carrying in front
Craving sour stuff

So, not that many for saying its a boy. However, that definitely doesn’t mean that it won’t be boy. Also, Chris and I have an AWESOME name picked out for a boy!!! If its a little girl, she is currently nameless – so we’d have to work on that.

**** UPDATE*****
As I am writing this post, the baby was going crazy! And, I felt the baby kick from the outside for the first time!!!!!!!!! I called Chris immediately and told him as best I could (I have no voice!) that soon he would be able to feel our little one kick! I’m so excited!

Well, we have less than 24 hours to hear who this little one is. Can’t wait to post and let everyone know! Until then…