I am a hero & I am blessed.

I woke up after Chris had left to go on a mission trip for a few days in Nashville.  I had my quiet time with Jesus and then fed the boys.  As I was changing diapers & playing with the little guys a GIAGANTIC spider came creeping out from underneath our couch. 

I froze.

The boys started crawling right towards it.  I tried to throw a pillow on it like a dummy.  It crawled right back under the couch.  I was in full heebee jeebee mode.  I snatched the boys up & strapped ’em down tight in their high chairs.  My hands were shaking as I gave them waaaaaaayyy more cheerios than they needed.  I couldn’t risk any distraction.  I tiptoed around the couch looking for my nemesis. 

Didn’t see him. 

I tried calling Chris, but knew he was trying to load middle schoolers up in the vans.  I tried calling my sister & her phone was off.  I contemplated going to wake up my neighbor to come find and kill this spider. 

But then,  I called my mother.  The one who passed this fear along to me anyway.  She was on her way to the airport to come see me (yay!)…I was so jumpy & had gigantic, uncomfortable chill bumps.  I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t know how I would survive the rest of the day.  What would I do with the boys?  What would I do with Harper? 

I was trying to figure out how to kill the thing, when he just marched right out onto my hardwood floor.  I squealed & ran to find a shoe.  My mom was on the phone the whole time telling me phrases like, “he’s more scared of you than you are him!”(uh, I don’t think that is possible)  and “Mary Lindsey, you can do anything for your children”…LOL! 

I looked, got as close as possible, and threw my shoe at him.  (yes I threw it… I couldn’t squish it… he was way too big!) I missed.  Dang it!  So I ran to get my other shoe.  I looked, got a teensy bit closer & threw with all my might.  I screamed.  I killed it!!!!! 

The boys were laughing at me.  Oh well.  I then proceeded to scrape the spidy’s guts off my kitchen floor with a spatula.  It was the longest thing I could find. A spoon was just too close for comfort.  And there was no way I was going to pick up it’s body with a paper towel.  Oh, I shudder thinking of it. 

Now all is well in the Blanton household.

So, to all those spiders out there who read my blog… stay away.  Send word to your relatives.  The Blanton house is NOT a safe place.  The end.


A precious friend and her daughter (Sarah & Katie) came and blessed our family today.  First of all, they called this weeked to see if there was anyway they could help me with this week.  They offered to pick my mom up from the airport.  Katie, who is 11, even went inside and held up a sign she had made that said Grandma DeeDee!  How precious is that?!  Once they arrived, they loved on sick babies, folded my laundry, cleaned my kitchen, straightened up my play room & living room.  My heart felt like it was floating on clouds.  I actually got to take a shower & get ready for Macky’s 2nd doctor’s appointment.   I want to remember what a blessing it can be to do something so very simple for another person.  Nothing has to be extravagant… just giving of your time and energy to help another human out.  I too want to bless others. 

Have you been a hero this week?  
What is a blessing you have recieved that you hope to pass along?
Children update:
H- still has a fever with no symptoms.  Have to wait atleast 72 hours before the doctor would see her.
W – low grade fever today & very yucky diapers
C – He’s just bein Crews :-) 
M – had to go back to the doctor b/c he is wheezing so bad.   They put him on a breathing treatment every 6 hours.  The doctor thinks this is related more to allergies & asthma.  Weird.  The breathing treatment actually worked.  He said they usually don’t for kids M’s age. Poor little guy.  Oh, and I had to get more antibiotics for M b/c I spilled the whole container all over our floor just a day after having it.  Awesome.  
Okay, that’s it.  I’m sleepy.  
Love & sweet dreams that do not include spiders~

5 thoughts on “I am a hero & I am blessed.

  1. Mary Lindsey,

    We see Dr. Pinkley. I was his nurse until I went on bedrest and I really love all the people there. Dr. Leeper is wonderful too.

    Your last post cracked me up! Last summer we had a problem with LIZARDS! One was 7 inches long! It was awful. The first one I saw was crawling on the baby toys. I grabbed both babies, who were only 5 months old, got up on the kitchen table, called my husband, and stayed on the table until he came home from work. I felt like such a wimp but I just couldn’t handle a lizard. Spiders are awful too. Ugh, I am shuddering just thinking about it!

    I was also gonna say my little Hutch has had to have breathing treatments too. He wheezes when he is sick. But I must say that since we put him on Zyrtec (the generic) he has not wheezed at all and it has also helped his eczema. I hope all of your babies are well soon. We were at BCC this morning…Anniston has hand, foot, and mouth so Hutch will probably get it soon too.

    Take Care,
    Kelly Weaver

  2. EW EW EWWWW!!!! you ARE a hero! and i’m so sorry my phone was off! (remember when i called you for moral support when trying to kill that wasp? and i ended up just waiting for someone else to come kill it?)

    also, i teared up a little when katie made a sign for mom. that is SO precious! i love it!

    my favorite part is after ALL of the drama, the trips just sat and laughed at you while eating their cheerios! so hilarious!!

    lastly, i would have you know that this morning when i was drinking my coffee i felt something on my arm. i looked, and saw a spider! ON ME! so i proceeded to drop my coffee all over my lap, burning myself, and smacking it into oblivion. it’s dead, but my couch smells like coffee now. WHY are they out to get us!!???!?

    love you minks!!

  3. I HATE spiders too! I laughed and laughed reading your post. Before the babies were here, I would have just left the house for the day and called an exterminator or something. Now, I would have “saved” my children like you did. Still giggling at the sight of you running, screaming, throwing and the kids giggling at you!

  4. YOU DID IT!!!!!! We are sooooo proud of you!!! But we have to ask….did you throw away the spatula????? What a great story….Glad everyone is on the mends. You are always in our prayers! Love ya!

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