Homemade: Wipes

One way we save money is making our own wipes.  Here’s my how-to…


1 – tupperware container like this one (you may have to “eye” it to see if a half roll of paper towels would fit in it):

1- roll of paper towel (bounty or viva work best & are softest on little hienies)
1 & 1/2 -2 cups of water
2 Tbsp. Baby Oil
2 Tbsp. Baby Shampoo

How to:

#1 – cut the paper towel roll in half.  You can get a lot of aggression out with this!  ha!  Tip: use a bread knife & think of how many calories you are burning!  I try to sit down & cut a whole package in half at one time.  Then, I store them in a closet upstairs so they are ready to be made ahead of time.

 This is what it should look like – not very pretty (this side will go down)

#2 – Make your solution:
Mix the water, soap, & oil together in the container.  You can use whatever baby shampoo you want.  I love how the lavender bedtime soap smells! 

#3 – put paper towels in the container that already contains the solution.  fuzzy side down.

#4 – Put lid on container & turn container upside down & let sit for about 10-15 minutes.  Now, if when you go to check your wipes, and they are still kind of dry on top, go ahead & add another 1/4 cup – 1/2 cup water on top.  I’ve only had to do this with the super thick paper towels, though.

#5 – Pull out the cardboard part of the paper towels & pull the wipes from the center!

**Tip:  It helps to get the paper towels that are cut into smaller sheets already.  Makes it much more manageable.

**Tip: If you know that there is a messy messy diaper, you may want to pre-pull your wipes b/c it can get kind of frustrating trying to tear the wipe while successfully holding a tiny poopy hiney up in the air!

Enjoy & think of all the money you are saving (i’m working to figure this out).  Also, you know EXACTLY what is being used in the wipes!  This wipe switch completely eliminated two of my boys’ diaper rash!!!  Did you know that there is citric acid in wipes (even sensitive ones)?  It was burning their already broken skin.  This cleared it right up!  Plus, I think the baby oil helps get the mess off, too!

Have fun making those wipes!

9 thoughts on “Homemade: Wipes

  1. such a great tip! I found your blog from Kelly’s Korner and have enjoyed reading your story. May God continue to bless you :)

  2. Good for you to make the most of your hubby’s paycheck! :)

    If you’re concerned about chemicals on your babies’ skin, you might consider using washcloths instead of processed paper towels. Also, you might like to try a more natural solution for your wipes by using water, aloe vera gel (VERY soothing on sore little bums!), and a bit of Tea Tree Oil–a natural antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial. You can also add a few drops of an essential oil if you wish, to make it smell nice, lavender is a lovely option.

    May God continue to bless your sweet family, you’re doing a great job, Mama!


  3. Amazing! Where did you find such a great idea? My little guy has very sensetive skin…this sounds great for him and cheaper!

  4. THis is genius! I have never heard of this before. We are definitely going to be trying this – anything to save some money!! :) Thanks for sharing. AND if you have any other “mulitple” saving money tips, please, please don’t hesitate to share those as well :]


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