Harper’s Room

I am on a role!!!!!! You are going to have some catch up reading to do! :-)

Slowly, I am getting pictures taken of the house. I must put up all the toys before I can take a picture of course! :-)

Here is the debut of Harper’s room! This room means a lot to me because I didn’t get to do a nursery before Harper was born. We knew we might move when I was about 6 1/2 months pregnant, and then DID move when I was almost 8 months. So, all of my dreams for a nursery had to be put on hold.

While I would have loved doing a room before Harper arrived (see my “perfect Pottery Barn room” here), I have loved working on it now that I know Harp’s personality. I wanted a “shabby chic” feel (but not Target shabby chic). So, here is what we’ve done…

Welcome to Harper’s room

The Door (with a wreath from Nancy’s wedding)

View of her room from the door

View of doorway (excuse the mess out in the hallway :-))

Ballet shoes from Heather Whitestone (Miss America)

Harper’s Memory Box (we had to lay the wubbanub to rest after the paci was chewed to pieces by my brother’s dog – hahaha! At least the frog didn’t get destroyed. Oh, she is still hooked on paci’s… just not that one)

Diaper Changing area. She will soon out grow this!!

Her crib (notice I do have the bedding from the pottery barn nursery – on sale!!)

So I really wanted a picket fence in Harper’s room, but I’m going to have to come up with a better idea than this one because she keeps pulling this one over. The ivy is fascinating to her :-) Behind it though, is a shelf with several of her toys on it. When I need to get a shower, I will sometimes put her in her crib with lots of toys for her to play. The frog is a humidifier we got at Target. When I first used it, I thought it was kind of freaky because the steam shoots out of his eyes. Haha!

My favorite piece of furniture!!! This is Harper’s wardrobe. I love it so much.

The inside (because I’m always wanting to know what the inside looks like :-))

And, I had to add this in here because Harper loves these stuffed animals so much. Every morning, Chris usually goes to get her when she wakes up. (I’m not exactly the most coherent person when I wake up) Anyway, he takes her over to them so that she can tell them good morning. She squeaks and makes all sorts of baby noises when she sees them. It makes me think that they are alive. Anyway, it is just so sweet, and I didn’t want to forget that.

So here is the book shelf, with the main point, being the little galley closet off to the right. I love that this is out of sight. We use it for extra storage. Babies build up a lot of stuff to be stored very fast!!!

little clothes. BIG CLOTHES.

And last but not least, my favorite part… the rocking chair. This was given to us by a friend in GA who rocked her 3 (now teenage) babies in it. This is where Harper and I have spent many nights and days. It is sweet because this is the one piece of furniture that I have really been able to use from the day she was born, and can still use today.

Thanks for stopping by! Well, actually keep on reading! :-)

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