Harper’s Mothering Skills (4:100)

Harper is a precious girl who loves to copy her mommy.  She is so sweet to her brothers and always kisses them and tells them “Ees ho-kay brudders”  and “I love you so much.”  She melts my heart when she does that.

Lately though, one of the sweetest things is when she mimics what I do.  She is around me all day, but I didn’t realize how closely she watches me until I caught her doing this one night.  All by herself.  No direction from me. 

Feeding Time.
 Seriously, she put him in here after the Mickey’s were done eating.  All by herself.  I was cracking up.  Sure enough, the boys get some jumping time after eating time!
This one made me die laughing! Exersaucer Mickey
Bumbo Mickey
Bottle Time
Burp Time
Then, I thought maybe that was just a one time thing..  this “Harper with her three babies.”  However, now she rarely plays with just one.  The popular line up these days are: Baby Carol, Baby Amy-Jo, and Baby Jackie.  (all of her babies are named after some of the women Chris works with… hilarious!  They are godly women & I love Harper chose those names!!!)

Playing Patty Cake
Harper is such a good Mama.  I am proud of you, baby girl.  And, you are only 2 years old!

5 thoughts on “Harper’s Mothering Skills (4:100)

  1. What a cutie pie! It is humbling to think that they are “taking it all in,” isn’t it? Harps is going to think babies just come 3 at a time, just like mine assume that they come 2 at a time:)

  2. Like mother, like daughter… Amazing how much they take in when we don’t even realize it! All she knows is 3 babies at once and it looks like she is doing an amazing job taking care of them…so cute!!

  3. What a cute little Mama Harper is! I have been following your blog since you were pregnant with the triplets and I have enjoyed reading about your family. I’m excited you are posting more too, although I don’t know how you find the time with all those precious babies :) I have a sweet little girl, just 6 months old and I’m sure she will be following me around doing everything I do before I know it :)

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