Harper’s First Birthday

I am a little late on blogging about this, but we have had an eventful two weeks. The day after the ultrasound, Harper and I came down with some nasty cold virus that about did us in!!! Harper had a fever of 102-104 for about 4 days. We had to cancel the big birthday bash, but we still had lots of fun with Grandma Dee Dee, Aunt Nancy, Grandy, and Jo Jo!!

I had all these grandiose plans for Harper’s birthday. I wanted a cupcake-themed party, with adorable invitations, plates, balloons, cups, etc. Well, it didn’t so much happen the way my mind envisioned it since my body was ransacked by morning/evening sickness. However, the day was filled with love and celebration of a precious little girl…. and really, what more could a mom ask for?!?

I did get to make her a giant cupcake for her birthday, though!!! It turned out pretty cute :-) And I must say, Harper takes after her Daddy and LOVES LOVES LOVES sweets!!! Just look at her face after eating some strawberry cake!!!

Nancy captured her big day with wonderful pictures, and she made her a sweet doll baby that Harper adores. Go to Nancy’s website to meet “Baby” :-) Thank you Aunt Nan Nan for this gift- we will love for a looooooong time!!!

Grandma Dee Dee got Harper a piano that plays all sort of music. It is pink and lovely, and Harper dances to it at least 3 times day!!! She also got some fun DVDs (Baby Songs) to help get us through the long days :-) Momma is greatly appreciative!

Grandy and Jo Jo gave Harps all sorts of books and clothes… the girl is ready for summer!!! One gift that they gave Harper was a baby doll with a cloth body and plastic arms, legs, and head. Harper squealed when she opened it. The doll was so secured in the box, it took two of us to get her out. Well, when we did, her head fell off and freaked Harper out!! We all laughed and laughed. Chris finally got one of his plastic zip ties, and rigged the doll’s head to her body. She works fine now, and Harper doesn’t seem to be too scarred by the event.

Daggy and Mimi Leslie couldn’t make it to the party, but sent a big box of goodies!!! Harper received some more adorable clothes as well as some fun videos and toys. She loves the blocks!

Chris and I racked our brains trying to figure out what to get her for her first birthday. Since we are trying to save some space, and we knew the grandparents would be getting her plenty, I decided I would make her a tutu for her first birthday!! It was so easy to do! And she was quite happy to wear it.

I can’t believe a year has gone by since she was born. This has been the best year of my life, and I am so thankful to the Lord for blessing us with such a sweet little girl. We had so much fun celebrating with family, and we look forward to celebrating with friends, too, next year!!

Thanks for making this day so special!!!