Happy Birthday Maverick!!!

9:55 AM
Birth – 5 lbs 12 oz.
Now – 24 lbs.
Macky.  You were supposed to be born 2nd.  They tried to get you out, but you were too big & wedged under my ribs.  Lovely, huh?  So, they took Crews first.  You are the perfect baby of our family…our big, tough guy.  What a curious little guy you have become!  You remind me of your Daddy as you are constant and steady (and a little stubborn).  You were strong from birth and have remained that way.  You have the best laugh and love to laugh.  You, too, are a cuddle bug and like to come up to mom for quick little fixes.  You give me giant slobber kisses all time and will persist until you have made contact with my cheek.  You are a leader to your brothers and will sometimes get all 3 of you in trouble (the candle wax incident, the escaping out of the living, the pulling a socket protector out of the outlet, etc)…you are just so curious.  One of your favorite thing to do is put your face up to the air vent and let it blow cold air in your face – once again making you and us laugh.  My prayer for you, sweet one, is that you would live up to your name, too.  Maverick means a person who refuses to conform to a particular party or group.  I pray that you wouldn’t be just a “branded Christian,”  but that you would live the way Christ lived – very different than the culture in which he lived. I pray that you will truly live a life that exemplifies Him and His love – not just what the church expects you to do.  I’m praying that you will be a Maverick for Jesus. Stay curious about life, little man – it is so much more exciting that way!  
I love you,

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  1. Thanks for sharing, sister. Your family pictures and sharing is full of hope. A testament to our HOPE, our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    God bless your lovely family.

    24 Jul 2010

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