Hangin’ In There…

This has been my phrase to everyone who asks how I’m doing. I want to be honest, but I don’t want to be a complainer because I know how blessed we are to be carrying 3 babies at once! My heart was so heavy one time for children. I wanted to feel morning sickness soooo bad. So, I am thankful that I am feeling this way, even though it is hard to deal with at times.

I have been seeing green for a good while now, and I’m so ready for it to be over. The good news is I don’t actually throw up, I just feel like I’m going to all day. And, I have a terrible gag reflex, so I’m constantly gagging & hoping nothing comes up! hah! However, today was the first day that I have actually felt normal for the first time in a while, and I will tell you that it was a BIG relief! I hope this keeps up… I’ll be 12 weeks on Thursday! Yahoo! I welcome the 2nd Trimester with open arms!!!

Today I had to change my doctor’s appointment because Chris had a meeting conflict. But, I’m glad that they could work me in later the same day … February 10th. Instead of being at 10 am, it will be at 1:30pm…so the updates will be coming later in the day next Tuesday :-)

Since a lot hasn’t been going on… I will do one of my surveys… Go here to read/ compare notes with my pregnancy w/ Harper. It is quite interesting… at least it is to me :-)

How far along? 11 Weeks 5 days (same day I did this survey with Harper… weird)

Total weight gain/loss: A BIG FAT ZERO…. good grief, I don’t know how I’m supposed to gain weight! It is harder than it seems.

Maternity clothes? All I can wear. I still wear some shirts that aren’t maternity, but they make we look fat and weird, so I like the flow-y shirts better.

Stretch marks? Just from last time. However, I know I’m doomed…

Sleep:I love my sleep and need it desperately. However, I must be cold to sleep. It helps that it has been super cold outside, and I sleep with the overhead fan on… brrrrr…. I LOVE it!

Best moment this week: Not feeling nauseous today! Having a whole day to myself on Monday – a friend took Harper, and I got to sleep and rest. It was great!

Movement: I think I’ve felt them a few times, but it isn’t completely distinguishable yet.

Food cravings: Today I wanted Quiznos, and I ate the whole sandwich (Turkey Bacon Guacamole)!! This is the most food I’ve eaten in a whole sitting in a while! I was proud!

Gender prediction: I think there is a girl in there somewhere… if not two! I feel very much like I did with Harper, but we’ll see. It could be that it’s because there are 3 in there.

Labor Signs: thank goodness no :)

Belly Button in or out? still in, but a very round tummy.

Wedding rings on or off? Still on!

Weekly Wisdom: eat when you are hungry. :-)

Milestones: Feeling better today!

And last but not least… a belly picture from this past Sunday… two angles… :-)

10 thoughts on “Hangin’ In There…

  1. Hi Sissy, Chris, and Harper!
    I have enjoyed catching up with you all on your blog this afternoon and can’t wait to see you this summer! Since we have 4 sets of twin boys (that we know of) in our extended family, I’m predicting twin brothers and a sister for Harper. (For the record, PaPa had twin first cousins, Peter and Paul; PaPa’s sister Aunt Frances’ son Sam has twin grandsons; Mama Dot’s niece Kay has twin sons, Mark and Wes; and Mama Dot and Papa had twin sons, Uncle Jack and Uncle Bill).
    I’m so glad all is well. Hug Harper for me and tell Chris hi. We love you,
    Aunt Toos and Wesley

  2. Hey….another random blog follower here. Just wanted to say hang in there with the sickness. I am pregnant with number three rght now (though never multiples) and it was very hard to get through. I get hypermesis and throwing up was a common occurance. It DOES get better and it does get easier to take care of the family! Pretty soon you wont even remember it. I am glad you are starting to feel better and I have been praying for you and your family of 6!

  3. you look fabulous! don’t worry about weight and stretch marks now, just focus on healthy babies and enjoying the pregnancy whenever you can! i am still amazed there’s 3 also and can’t wait to hear the genders and names when you have them picked out!

  4. Hey- Mary Lindsey,
    It’s Autumn I hope you remember me ! Brittany told me about your blog and I could not believe that you are going to have three baby’s. That’s so awesome! You look so cute and still so pretty! I miss seeing you come in to get your cute haircuts. I hope you start to feel better and I can’t wait to read more about you and your family!

  5. You look fantastic, Mary Lindsey!!!! I still can’t believe that you are carrying 3 in there!!!

    I’m so glad that your morning sickness is starting to subside. For me, 12 weeks was a huge mark and I started to feel so much better.

    And yes, eat now while there is still room!!!!

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