while Harpie has been away making memories with aunt nancy…

I’ve been busy busy busy

—–> re-arranging rooms…Harps got a new bed (even though she will still be sleeping in her crib – can’t risk her getting out quite yet), the boys are in separate cribs &
we added another rocking chair in the nursery * I heart rocking my babies*

—–> cleaning out & organizing our shed – can’t believe i did this! i now
want to go buy some pumpkins and mums to make our back patio look
beautiful! i love fall…

—-> fixing stuff with a drill – it makes me feel like i am really accomplishing stuff when I break out the drill!

It was wonderful spending almost 5 hours outside today. It makes me want to live on a farm and work outside, milk cows & collect eggs… I think I could do it.

7 thoughts on “Git.R.Dun

  1. I have a place you can practice collecting eggs!! When the babies get big enough, send then down to Aunt Erin’s and they can chase dogs and chickens and yard kitties all day long.

  2. what a cute, colorful, fun blogpost!

    ps. i am in major harpie withdrawal. there is nothing better than getting that cute kid out of the bed with her morning hair. PLEASE do a post on morning babies. they are my favorite!

  3. I can’t believe that you are doing all this, while raising triplets! You are amazing:)

    And I too think you would be great on a farm. Hey, you’ve got all the farm “hands” with your youngins!

  4. haha you crack me up!! I think you could totally work on a farm too AND you have all the kiddos to help as well!! You are SUPERMOM!

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