Finally an Update!

This post will be short as I have a sweet baby in my arms… I don’t want to put her down right now because she is soooo snuggly, so I will type the best I can.

Just a few updates…

* Just got back from the doctor today for a weigh-in. She was 9 lbs 8 oz! She is just above the 50th percentile. I can’t believe that she isn’t as big as I was when I was born… 9lbs 11oz!!!

* Sleep is okay. Some nights are good, some are terrible :-) Since she is 5 weeks, her schedule is becoming a little more consistent… er, well, mom is stay more disciplined with her schedule now that I am learning to function on 3 hours of sleep at a time. Actually, it isn’t that bad. She will sleep anywhere from 2- 5 hours. We have a golden night when she sleeps 5 hours! The first picture is one Chris “snuck” of us. As you can see, I’m not exactly in the most comfy position. I zonked out after trying putting Harper’s paci back in her mouth for the 14th time that night! And, as you can see… it is not even in her mouth by the time we fell asleep! Also, for all you other moms, I usually do not let her sleep like that! I know what the correct positioning is, and was fully planning on moving her before I fell asleep!(however, sleep got the best of me) We slept 2 1/2 good hours, followed by 4 hours of screaming and a crick in my neck! Lovely night… won’t let it happen again! :-)

The bottom pic is one of us snuggling this morning. She was such a happy little cuddle bug this morning… I just loved it! Nancy came to visit about a week ago, and her favorite time with Harper was in the morning… she called her ‘morning baby’ and deemed it her fave! We miss you Aunt Nancy!

* Breastfeeding is still going great! As you can see from her weight gain, she is getting what she needs! I still am amazed that I give her everything she needs. It is such a precious precious time, and absolute miracle!

* Her belly button cord FINALLY fell off this week… at 5 weeks! Goodness, we thought she would never lose that thing! (most fall off at 2 weeks – I guess we just had a strong connection 😀 ) Since it finally came off, she got her first bath last night, and LOVED LOVED LOVED it! She was screaming b/c I had to strip her down and she was cold. However, the second she was submerged in the water, she was just our little “chill baby.”

* Here are some more pictures for those of you who need them! 😀 See the website below. It makes us feel so loved that you want to see our sweet little “spike” (as we lovingly call her):

(go to slideshow/ fullscreen – it makes it much much better) :-) I will try to add more pictures more often now!

Well, I think that is it for about now. Off for a nap. It is rainy and cold here… perfect nap weather for mommy and baby!

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  1. minks! i love the pictures and the album! sooo preshie. i can’t wait to see all of you again!

    i miss morning baby!

    love minks :)

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