Feeling Great!

The last few days here have been soooo wonderful! The weather has been perfectly sunny and (my favorite) 67-70 degrees :-) It has really lifted my spirits, and even though I’m supposed to be taking it easy, I’ve been out and about a little bit. Nothing too much, but it certainly feels nice to have some sun on your skin after being cooped up (and nauseous) all winter.

Sunday, I decided to venture out for possibly the last time for a while to go to church. I also got to wear a spring maternity dress (that I think I’ve already outgrown -haha), put on makeup, and feel like a girl! The message that Pastor Glenn brought us was exactly what I needed to hear… DO NOT WORRY!!! O it refreshed my soul, and brought me back to the point of looking Jesus in the face.

After church, I had a mini-pregnancy meltdown, that I am NOT proud of… but, I thought I would just be real and write it on the blog. It was silly and consisted of me losing Chris and Harper, being super hungry, walking all over the church trying to find them – which is hard to do when I haven’t walked anywhere but to and from the bathroom for the last few weeks, and then “raising my voice” at Chris when I finally found them. :-/ And to make matters worse, (I didn’t mean to), but I also almost ran him over with my car. No one was hurt :-) We made up a minute later, and I apologized for not keeping my pregnancy hormones under control. He is such a sweet hubby, and puts up with a lot from us girls. :-)

Chris had Monday off after having student events Friday and Saturday, so we were able to hang out and it was so much fun! He took me out on a lunch date to Ted’s Montana Grill, and I was GIDDY with excitement because we were on a date!!!! And, I stuffed my face with YUMM-I-NESS!!!! I don’t know if you have ever been there, but they have the BEST burgers (Bison Burgers!) and fries EVER!!!! We came home and I wrote *some* of my thank you notes while sitting on our back porch in the sun. Chris sold our TV that has been sitting in our kitchen for who knows how long. And we are both sooo glad to get rid of that thing! That evening we went to Target with Harper, and it was nice to get out. Although, I think I over did it in Tar-jay a little b/c I felt so nauseous on the ride home. We had some yummy dinner that a family brought us, and then watched 24!

All in all, I have enjoyed feeling normal and doing normal things these past few days. I’m taking each day as it comes, and am embracing it for all it is worth! I know soon I will be on couch/bed lock-down, but that’s okay! These few days have given me the boost I’ve needed!

And for today, well, in case you’ve forgotten… today is BABY GENDER DAY!!! I am determined for them to tell me who’s camped out in my tummy! The last two visits have been a tease, so I am to the point where I want to know! I should be far along enough to find out… 17 weeks. Please pray for all the babies to be healthy, and for the tech to see what she needs to. Oh, and for good measure… I baked our ultrasound gal cookies this morning :-)… Think that will do the trick?

I’ll be back this evening with the announcement of the three little Blantons… I CAN’T WAIT!!! Now, onto shave my legs and get gussied up for my appointment at 1pm.


3 thoughts on “Feeling Great!

  1. BHAAHAHA you almost ran over chris! oh minki. you’re too funny with your raging hormones.

    i can’t wait to hear about your leeetle bayybeees! so excited.

    AND THE TV IS GONE!!!! that makes me so happy! yay for space in the kitch!

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