Feast For Your Soul: Write It Out

Hello there, Beauties!

I am figuring out this blogging thing! I cant believe almost a month has gone by since I posted about Bible study!  Let me just say it is hard to blog consistently and be a mama.  But, I am figuring it out slowly :-)

So, I am sure you have probably had time to read through 1 John (if that is the book you chose).  The first time I read through it, I felt a little overwhelmed.  Okay, John is saying my life shows I am a Christian if I follow God’s commands and don’t sin.  Then, it turns around and says, if I do sin… wait, what?! Kind of mind boggling. :-)  But, this is where going deeper in God’s word explains so much!  The Bible was not written in English!  It was written in Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek and Aramaic (New Testament).  So, when something seems confusing in the English, don’t just give up – let that drive you to dig deeper!  We will continue to dive into this more!

So, this time, I want for you to do 2 things over the next 2 weeks.

  • Write out the entire book of what you are studying. (Write out all 5 chapters of 1 John) This causes you to slow down, and really think on what each verse is saying.  When I write it, I do not include chapters or verses, but write it so it like a letter  – more like the original. Chapters and verses were later added. I do keep paragraphs so it is easier to read.  You can also star verses that make you think or bring questions to your mind.  Questions are good!  As we break down scripture more, I bet a lot of these will be answered!
  • Write an outline of the entire book.  I have to admit that this one does challenge me some, but I don’t want that to make you shy away from doing it.  I will always be honest with y’all!  Try to do this the best that you can.  I will share my outline next post.  Try to do this on your own, first.  This is not a quiz or a test of who has the best outline.  Just helping you get an overview of the book even more.  If you want to look at some commentaries or examples of how to write an outline, feel free to.  Your outline will be similar, we are studying the same material! Just try not to copy some one else’s work.


A few Friday Thankfuls:

  1. Tonight, I’m going to the Grand Ole Opry with my mama!
  2. It is turning into spring!
  3. Wii sports – the boys were dressed, made their beds (sort of), and had eaten breakfast by 7:30 so they could play this silly game! Now, I’m praying this game stays peaceful – it tends to get a little heated. :-) Boys!
  4. Morning snuggles – (Maverick)
  5. IMG_1631The beauty of a sunset.  (with backyard kid junk – real life!)IMG_1625

What are you thankful for this Friday?! I pray you have a blessed weekend!




2 thoughts on “Feast For Your Soul: Write It Out

  1. Hey sweet friend! I love the idea of writing an outline for the chapter! That is a new one for me, and I can see where it would definitely be challenging. Maybe I’ll be able to get through that and join the “chat” in two weeks. And this weekend I was thankful to sleep in my own REAL bed – not a fold out chair – last night!

    Oh, and you’re doing awesome! One thing I keep in my mind is that real-life is what gives your ministry integrity. You’ll find the time to blog and bless others, but if you’re not focusing on being the terrific momma you are, your ministry will be hollow. I love how Sally calls these the “hidden years.” So true.

    {Mwah} Love you, sister friend!

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