Family Update : Warner

Sweet Warner Boy,

You are 2 1/2 years old and allll boy!  You have such a sweet heart.

Here are some things you are doing these days…
You love your blanket and love sucking your thumb.  I love when you wake up in the morning and from you nap because you love to snuggle with me on the couch. 

You also love giving kisses.  However, you dont make the kissy noise by puckering your lips.  You make it by clicking your tongue against the roof of your mouth. You click your tongue, then silently kiss your recipient. So the noise comes before the actual kiss.  It’s too cute and I know will only last a little while longer.

You like to wear one shoe at a time.  Crocs with SpongeBob on the front are the shoes of choice around here, and I can usually find you wearing just one.  These shoes were meant to be throw-away-summer-shoes (last summer) and quickly became morning-noon-night, naked-clothed-wearing-jammie-shoes.  :-)

You have the craziest hair because you rub the front of your head in your crib when you sleep.  It is usually a matted mess every morning you wake up.  I don’t bother combing it out because it helps distinguish your look from Maverick (to others, of course).

blowing out Aunt Nancy’s birthday candle

You love to have alone time.  Sometimes our house can get very loud.  You and your brothers love to wrestle and agitate each other.  Harper does too.  However, you get fed up with it on occasion.  I can find you reading a book or playing with blocks in the playroom. Alone.  (Mind if I join you sometime? :-))

wasn’t diggin the photo shoot

You have a little temper.  It’s true. I think once you are able to communicate a bit better with your words it will settle down.

Speaking of language, you say only a handful of words.  All three of you haven’t said much until around January.  Language delay is very common with multiples.  Y’all had/have your own language.  It was so funny.  Anyway, we are in the process of getting you evaluated.  Our pediatrician is not worried at all and says you will all be caught up by the time you are in kindergarten.  I’ve already seen your speech improve in the last 2 weeks.  I know there will be much freedom for you when you find your words.

You know all of your ABC’s and can count to 20 even though you don’t really say words yet.  I love it when you just randomly break into the ABC’s when playing or walking down the stairs… Q, R, S, T U, V… so funny!

You scream really loud and it sounds like a whistle.  Your scream can mean you are mad because someone took something from you, or it can mean you are really excited about something. Kind of confusing and usually makes me come running! Ha!

You love sleep.  You are usually the first one to sleep, and easily go to sleep by yourself – even at preschool.  You rarely wake in the middle of the night.  If you do, I know you are sick.

 Just a month ago, you had you had an ear infection and had a rough time sleeping.  But, thankfully, it was your first sickness (other than a cold) in a long time.

You still have awful eczema, but very healthy lungs.  Crews and Mav seem to have gotten rid of the eczema (still have small traces of it), but are showing the beginning signs of mild asthma.  (supposedly in identical multiples, these two things go hand in had – with one child having eczema and one (or two) having asthma)  I’m praying you out grow them – more than likely you will. 

Warner, Maverick (eating a graham cracker), and Crews (with a busted lip)

When you get hurt or don’t like something, you squint your eyes and have a very concerned look on your face and say ‘Ooooooooo.’  It’s so cute.

You love love love preschool!  You are always very excited to play with your friends.  It gives you a good time away from the house and helps you learn to interact with others.  We really don’t go anywhere other than school.  Even church hasn’t been consistent in a loooonggg time.  We will be back in the habit soon – Mommy has missed church sooooo much!

Sweet story…last week you had to miss preschool because I wasn’t sure you were getting a cold or dealing with allergies.  You adored reading books with me.  It was so quiet in the house that you just kept getting up to find another book when we were done with one.  I think I might keep you home from preschool more often to do just this!  When your brothers are here, everything is just so busy.   All of you get easily distracted!  I now know,  you are capable of sitting still to read more than one book!

playing on your MobiGo you got for Christmas

You usually hang out with Maverick, but surprisingly I couldn’t find a picture of the two of you together!  Maybe its because I try to capture when you are hanging out with Harper or Crews more.  Ha!

Warner and Crews

Warner and Harper

You are very sweet to Haven.  At first you didn’t care that Haven had joined us – wouldn’t even pay her a bit of attention.  But then, you would hear her on the monitor crying.  You would come get me and point to it saying ‘OOooooo.’  Now, you are very sweet to her and call her Haby or Haben.  I will find you checking on her when she is in her bouncy seat or patting her tummy when she is on the sofa. 

 I love you Warner, and the sweetness and spunk you bring to our family.  I look forward to watching you grow into a little boy this year.  We’ve got a lot ahead of us – turning three in July, potty training this summer, and moving into a big boy bed!

All my love~

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  1. Just precious. I literally tear up every time I read about your kids because they are so adorable, and they (obviously) look so much like you and Chris and i just love you two:)

  2. I just have to comment on what I have been reading. I love your stories about each child and the birth of Haven.I feel so privileged and blessed that I was able to be there and see a lot of these precious personalities in each child when I stayed with you all for two months when Haven was born.My goodness I love these children to pieces.I am coming back again and again and again! Grandma Deedee/Mom

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