Did you Catch It? {30}

…that I completely forgot to blog yesterday.  I thought after doing something for 21 days, it was supposed to become a habit.  Welp, not here. Completely forgot.  Guess I have too much going on. :-) 

For the last week, we’ve been trying out a new schedule.  One that was delightful the first day (got to spend individual time with each baby), and then quickly plummeted downhill after that.  But, for the life of me, I could not change it.  Until today, when my wingman was here and we were able to work together. 

We are both exhausted.  It’s amazing how sweet, cute, squishy babies can wear you out so quickly.  But they can.  Guess that’s why God made them cute. 

Since the schedule changed back to normal (where *everyone* naps at the same time… all were napping seperately–gahhhh), I may have more time to blog again, so I will be finishing up the Q & A post.  Then, hopefully getting some more fun pics up. 

So, off to get a good nights rest.  Be back tomorrow with more!


Here is a funny picture of how my mom feeds babies when she is here.  😛

One thought on “Did you Catch It? {30}

  1. Hilarious picture of your mom! And yes, girl, go with the SAME napping schedule. There is no way I could survive otherwise!!!!

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