December 2010

Thank you all for reading through my previous post. I feel that was a giant healing step for me in this process. I am going to see if I can remember the rest of our December.
Harper and I decorated our mini Christmas tree at the beginning of December.  Each ornament I pulled out, she would just squeal and clap over! It was sooo fun decorating with her. Children do bring so much wonder and awe to life. (She is dressed like it is 80 degrees outside because she just likes about 3 pieces of clothing right now. This dragonfly tank top, her ‘sweetie’ shirt (seen in the movie below), and heart shorts. She wears them every single day. I have to wash them at night so they are ready to go first thing in the morning. Thankfully, she doesn’t wear them to preschool)  We kept our tree on our table.  I thought through all of my options about tree placement (even the classic pack n play), but thought on top of our kitchen table would be best.  And it was!  (We have just started eating together at the table.  The boys were in high chairs, Harps at the table, and Chris and I eating when we could! Ha!)

So, from December 11-18, my mom was in town for Christmas. I honestly can’t remember what we did. I do remember we went to look at Christmas lights one night and then had an impromptu open all our gifts. It was so funny because everyone was quite content upstairs, so we just brought all the gifts upstairs and opened them in the hallway. We kept laughing because it wasn’t very ‘Christmas-y.’ The kids tore into the presents, enjoyed the wrapping paper, played with the gifts a little bit, and went on about their business. And that was that – hah!  I sure am thankful I have wonderful & flexible parents & in-laws… no one is hung up on how things ‘should be,’ and everyone goes with the flow.

  Here are some pics from that fun Christmas memory:

Oh, funny story. So mom got one of the boys this sesame street pop up toy.  ALL THREE wanted to play with it.  There were knock down (should I say ‘bite down’) drag out fights over it!  So, the next day she went to Toys R Us and bought 2 more to bring peace.  They all 3 play with their own toy at the same time.  The noise level is close to that of a spaceship blast off (but, at least there is peace):

Jo and Randy came to see us that Saturday, and stayed through Wednesday.  It was a pretty relaxed visit, and Chris and I got to go out to do some shopping and spend time together.  We had a 2nd crazy Christmas with them right before nap time. so I think they got to experience about the same amount of gratitude from our tots as Grandma Dee Dee did. :-) But, Chris and I were/are extremely grateful for all the new & fun gifts!  (I wasn’t feeling well at this point, and completely forgot the camera)

Christmas Eve and Christmas morning were so quiet and peaceful (as quiet as they could be).  We had such a wonderful time getting the gifts ready, as well as attempting to read about Jesus’ birth for the 2nd year to toddlers (not successful.  Harper kind of listened).

I really look forward to next year when we take all of them to church on Christmas Eve.  Our church doesn’t offer childcare so the entire family can be together. (I really like this idea!)  No one expects complete silence at the service since there are small children…but could you imagine what would have happened if we had taken three 17 month old babies?!  Yikes! I stayed home with all of them while Chris went to church.

Christmas morning was so fun, and as many of you, we woke to a snowy morning!  I have only had one other white Christmas, and it was seriously the BEST Christmas ever (with sledding, hot chocolate, snow cream and endless cartoon watching with my aunt).  Oh, and I was seven(ish)…no worries in the world!  Anyway, this Christmas was sooo much better than last Christmas ( I know that sounds horrible, but last Christmas was survival.  All of our helpers & extended family were with their families, and the babies were only 5 months old & still very needy.  Chris and I managed, but it was a looooong day last year.  But, this year was great!  Here are some videos of our Christmas Eve, wake up & Christmas morning! (This is my first movie.  It’s a bit long & kind of shaky. You also have to turn your head to the side about 3/4 way through. Have I convinced you to watch it?! Ha!  Hang with me…if you can watch it for that long!  I am NO Spielberg, but I think I captured what I wanted to capture :))

We enjoyed eating doughnuts and an egg & sausage bake (that 2 of the 3 boys puked up – we hadn’t yet found out they all are allergic to eggs – awesome!).  Chris took Harper outside in the freezing cold so she could try out her new bike.  They both came back in with snowflakes in their hair.  The rest of the day was filled with lunch, naps, playing, etc.

By, the next day, I was ready to get the house back in shape.  Since I had Chris home for a bit, I was able to do that and enjoy some other little projects that I had been wanting to do.  That was such a gift of love to me!

My new year started out with a rejuvenation of my heart.  I am in love with my husband and children more than ever.  I am in love with Jesus and loving to learn what His word says.  I am content with what He has blessed me with – the wonderful and the challenges.  And, I am wanting to stay grateful always. I wonder what He has for our family. I want to be obedient to His calling.

Okay…we have January 2011, which was filled with snow! And then I should be caught up!  Yay!

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  1. looks wonderful. and, chin up on the egg allergy. keelyn was at that age, and she has already grown out of it! but she’s also allergic to penacillin, which is apparently related? just means she always gets the good stuff when she has an ear infection :-). anyway, Merry Christmas!

  2. thank you for your sweet comment the other day about my africa trip. love so much that you feel a stirring and even more that you know action will be required.
    bless you and your beautiful, PRECIOUS family!

  3. I just LOVED watching your video. Your laugh is truly contagious and I love how your house is run!! Love the birthday cake for Jesus :)

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