Day 2

Wow… I’m making myself sit down and blog tonight. I like it!

(OH, I decided to post the *MONDAY BLUES* post I referred to… it wasn’t that bad…haha)

Since I usually see those lists about random stuff about yourself on other people’s blogs, I decided to make my own up. Ha! So here are some random things about me, my life, & my family…

* I love folding warm laundry. It smells so good. However, I usually fold it once it is cold, wrinkled, and I have to iron it.

* I hate flannel sheets but love flannel pj’s.

* Harper is named after a football player that Chris saw on TV one Sunday afternoon.

* Chris has very pretty (and soft) feet for a boy. I love to snuggle them at night. We call it “feetsies.”

* I have a deep desire to be an avid Wholefoods Shopper, but I can’t convince myself to spend that much for groceries. I am currently reading a book about buying Organic food. I’m overwhelmed.

* I have been JAZZERCISING (is that a verb?) for 2 weeks now, and it is the most fun I’ve had exercising ever… even if I am doing 80’s dance moves! Kick ball change & Jazz Squares!!!

*Ever since I was in about 2nd grade, I HAVE to put lotion on after I get out of the shower. I haven’t missed a day that I can think of… even when I went to Kenya, I put on lotion. I sound WAY more high maintenance that I really am! I just HATE dry skin.

* I french braided my hair for the first time in years tonight.

* Before I got to bed, I get giddy about the thought of drinking my coffee with french vanilla creamer in the morning.

* I went to nursing school for 2 semesters, and made A’s in all my classes. I loved it! Do you know what made me change my mind? The CPR class. It totally freaked me out! I changed my major the next week. Sometimes I think I may go back to nursing one day… in the very distant future… once my children have de-synthesized me some!:-)

* I am currently doing my dream job… stay at home mama!

* I want to re-new my wedding vows one day so that our children know we are committed for life! It wouldn’t hurt to do it in Hawaii… would it?!?

* I am tired, and am going to bed.


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  1. Harper is so PRESH!!!! I can’t wait to meet her! Also, you would be a GREAT nurse (take it from a girl who HATES nursing and yet has spend lots of years and money becoming one!)

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