Crews Update

I escaped from the house this morning with Crews :-) I haven’t driven anywhere in about 4 1/2 – 5 months – crazy! We went to see the pediatric cardiologist to get his heart murmur checked out. It was awesome to get up, put on clothes and make-up, and have somewhere to go. I was nervous about going by myself, but I am so glad that I did. It showed me that I can be independent again!

Crews is doing well. His heart murmur has already started getting smaller! Praise the Lord! He does have a premature beat in his heart every now and then. The doctor did and EKG and an ultrasound. He looked so pitiful with all the electrodes covering his tiny chest and tummy, but he did well. I fed him a bottle while he was getting the tests run. The EKG proved that this beat is not affecting his body or his weight – which is a blessing. It may just be something he has for life. While he was getting weighed, Crews proceeded to wee wee all over the scale and even sprinkled the doctor. I love having boys… haha!

Thanks for your prayers! We will go back in 2 months, and hopefully all will have cleared up by then.

2 thoughts on “Crews Update

  1. Ha – Silas did the same thing at his first appointment! Welcome to the world of boys! Still praying for you all and love the updates.

  2. You are amazing! Thanks for the feeding update, I like many moms was wondering how you do it. I am proud of you for even attempting, I don’t know I would have it in me! I (we) can’t wait to see more pictures of the whole family.

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