Cleaning Up After a 2 Year Old Girlie & Triplet Boys

I don’t really do these that much, but I thought I would jump on the blog carnival over at Kelly’s Korner.  Kelly is an awesome southern girl who loves Jesus & happens to have a little Harper of her own!  

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This weeks topic:  Cleaning Tips

Well, my house stays pretty clean, although I know it is only because my boys are not mobile yet!  My whole plan may have to change, or I may just have to wave a little white flag for a year (…or ten).  We’ll see…Harper does her own destruction at 2 years old, but I know MORE destruction is on it’s way!  So, this is how I stay clean for now.

I have these signs posted on my fridge.  I originally posted it after the boys were born so if I ever had any helpers from church coming over, they could jump in and help out -with out me wracking my brain of what could be done.  They are laminated and I have a wet-erase marker in a drawer right beside our fridge.  Once all (or some are checked off through out the day) I wipe it down at the end of every day – it is very rewarding!

So, this is the best way I know how to stay on top of things…. make a plan! 

#1.  I have a daily schedule.  This has changed as the boy’s schedules have changed, but I split my day up into 3 sections of what needs to get done.  That way, I do a little through my day & I’m not spending my evening cleaning up.

#2.  I do at least 3 loads of laundry a day.  It never piles up & never gets overwhelming – as it would be VERY easy to do with a family of 6.

#3. I run the dishwasher 2 times a day – afternoon & evening.  I put all sorts of things in the dishwasher to wash ’em up.  (I even heard you could cook salmon in your dish wahser, but that is crossing the line! yuck!  Did you know you can wash flip flops in the dishwasher??! Not with dishes of course, but it can be done!)

#4.  I split up my chores into days… as you can see to the right…  Once again, not as overwhelming!  I keep Sunday as a day of rest – since the Lord does command that.  I try to keep things straight during that day, but mainly focus on rest & family.

#5.  Have you been to FlyLady?  She is quite helpful & *extremely* organized!  Can be a little obsessive! 

#6. I use these 2 products… I think they really are all I need to clean my home…  Pledge Multi Surface & Soft Scrub Total… they are the COMPLETE package! 

#7.  And, just for an added tip… I keep my grocery list laminated on the fridge, so I can circle what is needed!  It is in the order of the way our Walmart is set up… however, I’m going to have to re-do it b/c I don’t shop at WalMart as much since it is further away.

#8.  I have a Bekah  (at least for a few more months)!  She rocks & is a cleaning genius when the babes are sleeping!  

The one other item that I think would change my life would be a Shark Steam Mop… Will have to put it on my wish list!  For now, it will be the swiffer jet mop rigged up & my Oreck Vacuum that I got for Christmas (best Christmast present ever!  thanks mom!)

So, do you have any cleaning tips I should know about? 

Have a good night.. will be back later to blog about the fam!

Love to all,

21 thoughts on “Cleaning Up After a 2 Year Old Girlie & Triplet Boys

  1. LOVE the steam mop. I have the Bissel. If you want to get away from chemicals on your floor AND kill nasty germs, it is an EXCELLENT way to do it and so easy to use.

  2. ML, I LOVE the Shark Steam Mop!! It is so easy to use and works really well! Put it at the top of your wish list. It will save you so much time and energy! And the bonus is you aren’t using any harsh chemicals on the floor where little ones spend so much of their time!

  3. You have so many good ideas, ML!!! I have my daily chores broken down into days too, but I don’t have the “Daily” list like you do nor the laminated grocery list… Very smart!!!

    Love you, friend!

  4. I seriously feel like I can’t keep up with my house, and it is just me and Stephen until July! You are my inspiration! I will have to say that the Shark Steam Mop is AWESOME! It works better than any mop out there! Love to your family!!!

  5. Wow, I’m inspired by the fact that you can even get up and get dressed. I can’t imagine having triplets, I only have a 5yr & 3yr old and some days think I’m gonna lose my mind. Gonna make a grocery list today and laminate it, that’s a great tip.

  6. Wow!! You are incredible! Have you always been so organized or has it been since you became a Mom? I’ve been wanting to do a daily/weekly chores list but just haven’t done it. I love your ideas!

  7. You are so organized! That is awesome and I am sure very much needed in your busy household! I am a pt nanny for a family with a little boy who just turned 3 and 6 month old triplets, 2 girls and 1 boy and they just found out the girls are identical. It’s so much fun. I LOVE babies so to me it’s like baby heaven, but of course I am only pt so I am sure the parents feel differently at times :)

    Thanks for the tips and the organizational help!

  8. I LOVE the laminated lists on your fridge!! I just bought the flyladys books and yes a little obsessive but I might need that…:) Thank you for sharing!

  9. Ohhh. I love your grocery list idea, that is genius!! Definitely going to to that, You have some great tips thank you for sharing… oh and your children are too cute.. and I thought I was busy with two toddlers, you ROCK!! I would love to come back and read more about your precious family! Have a great weekend!

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