Change Is A Coming

Today I am feeling like Mary Lindsey. I’ve been wondering when she would make herself known again. Slowly but surely, over the last few days I’ve been feeling more and more like myself. Not nearly as nauseous as I have been, nor as tired.

Yesterday, I even drove across town after Harper’s doctor’s appointment to find me some Zaxby’s. Oh, it was soooo good!!! This afternoon, I think Chris, Harper and I are even going to venture out to Wal-Mart. Harper has been obsessed with magnets, so I think we are going to get her some alphabet magnets to play with on the refrigerator.

While mom and Nancy were here for Harper’s birthday, we started working on cleaning out the guest room and planning the re-arranging of our house for the babies. Very preliminary stuff, but still needed to be done. Jo and Randy took back a car load of stuff to be stored in our house in GA until it sells. Hey, that’s one positive about it not selling… free storage! :-)

I’ve been busy at making a list of all the needed items for the triplets. Nancy created this fabulous list for us. We call it the “In and Out” list. She broke down each room, and wrote all the stuff we need to take out of it, and then the stuff we need to bring in… we are pretty much converting our home into a day-care type setting. :-) This is just the beginning of many changes to come!!

Living Room
filing cabinet 3 swings
desk & chair pack n play
picnic basket
desk stuff
(move contents of desk stuff to white cabinet in kitchen)

*desk area soon to be replaced by 3 swings

boxes desk contents
storage stuff

*this will become our “desk”

Master Bedroom
hope chest crib
sweater bins
old clothes

Guest Bedroom/ Triplet’s Nursery
queen bed twin bed
closet stuff cribs
bedside table recliner

Harper’s Room
Old Clothes

Chris just finished building a shed for us. I must say how impressed I am with Mr. Blanton because he did this all by himself!!! We now have extra storage to make room for all the babies!!! When Harper would be taking a nap, I would go out and watch him and smell the wood… I LOVE the smell of sawdust… weird pregnancy symptom:-)

2 thoughts on “Change Is A Coming

  1. Wow, I’m very impressed with your hubby’s handiman skills- That’s a great shed!

    And I’m so glad that you got a headstart on organizing/arranging your home for the arrival of the triplets. You cannot start early enough! You want to do it now while you feel good, before you get too big to move, and definitely before they decide to arrive (since they will be early).

    Have you got a good list of what you will need for them? Don’t automatically assume that you need 3 of everything, because you don’t. Some things like cribs, carseats, booster chairs, etc you will need 1 per child. But exersaucers, johnny jump-ups,swings and bouncy seats you might not need 3 of. We set up “centers” and rotated our kids through them (we only had 1 of each). That way, the baby paraphenalia didn’t take over our home, yet they still had some time in each thing:)

    So glad that you are feeling better! Continuing to pray for you and can’t wait for another update from the Blantons!

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