Asa David Blanton

Today, September 26, 2015 is a day I started looking forward to back in late January. It was our baby’s due date. However, on May 18, 2015 Asa David Blanton’s body entered into this world even though his soul was already long in the arms of Jesus. Beginning on Monday, I will share Asa’s story […]

Capturing Us : Week 3 of 52

This week was difficult, but even amidst the hard times, I saw God right there with me encouraging me to keep pressing on…the sun will come out tomorrow!  (We have been listening to A LOT of the Annie Soundtrack lately.  It is SO FUN to clean to!) Haven had the flu the worst of anyone.  […]

Capturing Us : Week 2 of 52

I would say this week consisted of transformations. I began this week with long, brown hair and ended it with short(er) blonde hair.  I love the cut – it is way easier, and my ends were scraggly.  I had gotten to the point of always wearing it in a pony tail anyway.  After Wendy, my […]

January Goals

I cannot even tell you how much New Year’s Day Freaks Me Out.  It does.  Every year.  I think I’m going to be prepared for it, but every year it comes around and I have a mini- break down.  I’m not really sure the ‘why’ behind it, but I kind of just have to roll […]