Part 5

I woke up the morning of the 18th and was filled with joy and anticipation. Today was ultrasound day!  As I continued to get ready, the anxiousness set in and the battle in my mind began. ‘ Do not be anxious about anything, (not even for bad news about this baby) but in everything by […]

Part 4

There were some gentle warnings along the way. I hesitate in sharing these because they are extremely gentle. One in and of itself is no reason to cause alarm. In fact, my midwife was completely surprised that we lost the baby. Since this is part of our story, I’m still going to write it, though. […]

Part 3

March brought on the second trimester – which I welcomed with my whole being. We were literally leaving the winter behind and it was so wonderful. The sickness days would trade off with the okay-feeling days (I never feel 100% during pregnancy). And before I knew it okay-feeling days were coming more frequently than the […]

Part 2

Morning sickness did not delay. Just as I was wrapping my brain around the fact that I was pregnant, the first wave of sickness knocked me to my knees again. We did not tell the children I was expecting yet. There were many days of me laying on the couch or in my bed. I […]

Part 1

If faith can move the mountains Let the Mountains move We come with expectation We’re waiting here for You I’m Waiting here for You – Waiting Here For You Lyrics Yes, Lord, we wait and ask for you to work through these words, this story, for your glory. Saturday would have been my due date […]