Catch Up

We have had a pretty big two weeks here.  Let me sum it up…

Scheduling– I got my two books that I was so excited about from The Maxwells (not John, but Steve & Teri).  Homeschooling with A Meek & Quiet Spirit and Managers of Their Homes.  WOW!  I highly recommend these books!  Especially if you are a stay at home mom!  Much of the info is geared toward homeschooling, but so much is useful even if you aren’t “schooling.”  They are very intent on creating a schedule for your home.  I’ve always been one to live by a schedule, but this is like schedule on steroids!  LOL!  Let me see if I can take a snapshot of my schedule…

Everybody who is home has a job/something they are supposed to be doing every hour of the day.  Yes it does seem kind of rigid, but it is completely a guide for what we are ‘supposed’ to be doing during that hour.  There are so many wonderful things to a schedule: DVD time (to cut down on TV watching), scheduled time that I am 100% with my kids nothing distracting me, and….What has brought the biggest change to our house is Alone Time.  As you know, if you’ve been reading my blog for sometime, dinner time is CRAZY for us!  No matter what I’ve done I always feel like someone is pulling at me or whining or it’s just not pleasant.  I’m frazzled when Chris walks in the door.  He completely understands, but I am not creating a welcoming environment for him (which is a true desire of my heart).  Here is the solution that we have found works for our family: individual play!  I separate them out – one is in a pack-n-play in my room, one in his crib, one in the playroom (babyproofed!), and Harper is in her room.  They get 1-2 toys or books in their crib/room (except the one in the playroom gets MANY toys to choose from), and complete silence.  I rotate what room they are in each day so it’s new.  They don’t have that any other time completely alone during the day.  And, guess what?!?  My house is *almost* as peaceful at dinner prep time as it is at naptime.  I serve dinner with a smile and greet Chris with a kiss!  Amazing!!!  There are also so many other incredible tips in there!  Completely worth the purchase!

We Dropped A Nap 
(Edited to add: I wrote this part during the boys *only 1 1/2 hour nap (they are used to sleep 4 hours during the day)….yeah, our day was terrible after they woke up, so we aren’t dropping a nap yet.  But I’m leaving this section in here for my sake b/c I know we are in transition to this!)

Well, this isn’t a done deal, but I think we are pretty close!  They boys were sleeping from 10-11:30 in the morning and then from 2-4.  I really needed the 2-4 hour to sleep or to do something that I can’t do with babies crawling around and needing me.  The last few days they have slept great at the 10am nap & terrible at the 2 nap.  So, I figured we would see how they would do today.  They melted down around 12:30, so I gave in and put them down at 12:45.  I would love to make it to 1, but I’m sure we will work our way there.  Hope they take a good loooooong nap today!  Harper went down early, too, but I still hear her stirring around up there.  It may take a few days to iron out the wrinkles, but I’m looking forward to have a good solid 2 hours back to myself again. :-)
 One Less In Diapers
Harper is doing fantastic on potty training!  I feel like it is safe to say this b/c I’m almost done with the post on how we potty trained her.  I want to remember what i did to refer back to with the boys.  However, I’m sure that they will train completely different than her! :-) 

Took the Kids to Target Like A Big Girl
I have been wanting to do this for a while, but I would always get so nervous!  My biggest fear was getting them in and out of the car.  I didn’t even care if they had meltdowns in the store… I figured people would pity me & just understand – lol.  I was scared of the lack of control/ attention I have when I am focusing on strapping one in & leaving the other 3 unattended.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought.  They were right there with in arms reach & sat like perfect angels. 

I really wanted to get out of the hosue today.  After the last 2 Wednesdays – one you read about here and the other one last week consisted of begging a child to poop on the potty.  I couldn’t really handle the thought of another day inside for so long.  I figured today would be the day!  I got everybody dressed and in the car by 10:15.   I felt silly, but I prayed the Lord would go before us and cover our path at Target.  Do you know that he provided a parking space RIGHT beside a cart stall AND a baby buggy too waiting in that cart stall!?!  I unloaded all 4 babes.  (I had given Harper a good pep talk before we went).  We strolled in with smiles on our faces and went straight to get popcorn and water to keep Harper entertained.  The boys were sooo funny…completely mezmerized by all that was in Target.  Nobody really fussed until we stopped to look at hooks to hang on the bathroom wall for their towels – that was not entertaining at all!  Other than that little fussy, they were angels!  The funniest part was when we drove by all the TVs on the wall.  The boys just stopped and stared with their mouths hanging open.  It was hilarious!  Such boys.  Here is a picture of the gang:

Anyway, after we got home life was going great…I felt together, I had run by Sonic on the way home to get lunch (grilled cheese).  I popped in Yo Gabba Gabba for the kids to watch while I got everything ready.  Everyone ate very well.  I changed diapers & then they started melting down.  I tried to hold them off until 1, but we only made it until 12:40.  So down to sleep they went.  I put Harper down early too, but ya know, it just went too smooth.  Harper never even went to sleep.  She was yelling about 20 minutes into her nap.  Then, the boys woke up yelling at 2:15 – only 1 1/2 hours!  Sheesh!  I was exhausted thinking I couldn’t do this again.  We still had such a long afternoon.  They all played together in the playroom while I started going through toys trying to clean out and sort for about an hour.  I fed them dinner around 5 (leftover spaghetti & cut up apples – I have no idea why I’m telling all about the food we’ve eaten today, but oh well).  They were in major need of a bath, so we went upstairs.  This is where all He** broke loose!  Seriously. They were screaming and crying like people were poking needles in their eyes.  Poor guys were just so incredibly exhausted.  Warner ended up throwing up because he was crying so hard.  I had written this on my facebook wall, and look at all the amazing responses i got in return.  I know the Lord strengthened me tonight. I could NOT have done this without Him.  I was able to remain calm and to comfort each baby as I could get to him or her. 

After baths, I gave them bottles, Harper a snack (ice cream b/c she helped me calm down the boys!), and swept the kitchen.  Then, it was off to bed…they’ve been asleep since 7:30!  That means an early morning here, so I’m going off to bed too.  Harper has her first day of preschool (“pretty school” as she calls it) tomorrow!  She is ridiculously excited about it!  Oh, that reminds me, I must go pack her lunch! 

Thank you all for the prayers – they truly give me strength!!!

Love & goodnight~

4 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. I love you girl! Yay for tackling Target… Funny thing is I did the same thing today:) I had the two olders in the back of the cart, Samuel in his carseat in the front part, and Samantha in a baby bjorn on me:) I was so proud of everyone that we went to Sonic too and got lemonades!!! You and I are two of a kind:)

    Praise the Lord for His goodness and strength to us Moms of Multiples!

  2. AWESOME! I am so glad you love the Maxwell books! They have been so helpful to us too! But, how in the world did you get it all typed up??? I’m jealous!

    As for the naps. Have you tried just shortening the morning nap? My 13 mo olds are allowed to sleep 30 minutes in the morning and that seems to take the edge off until the afternoon nap. And then they still sleep 2 1/2 to 3 + hours in the afternoon. But each kid is different too.

    I did the Target thing once. Since my older two are older than yours, I give you a ton of credit! I don’t think I can do it again any time soon :)

    Thanks for sharing! Just love to read your blog!

  3. mary lindsey – first of all – the alone time while you get dinner ready – in different rooms – GENIUS! seriously! i soooo wish i would have done that! (mine now would crawl out of a crib/pack n play, but before they became super climbers, that would have been awesome!). fabulous idea! and i smiled when you said you were blessed with finding a parking spot by one of the cart stalls that had a baby buggy in it. i have driven around Target for quite some time before – waiting to find one of those in the parking lot!!! And one close enough to a parking spot that I didn’t have to go far from the kids in the car. Glad y’all had a good trip. Those usually either give me super confidence that I can tackle all sorts of things out in the world with all 4 of them – or make me feel so defeated we don’t leave the house for a week! :) I am thankful that yours was a positive target trip!
    I too wish we lived closer – we would be quite the gang!

  4. I think you are a fabulously brave mother to even attempt bathing four kids on your own. I would make the Target trip twice in the same day before I would have the guts to bath them by myself. It was just always my least favorite thing…and I was only bathing two at a time!!!

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