Busy Blessed Days {36}

By about 5 pm yesterday, I was about ready to climb the walls.  No one had napped together.  I had at least 2 babies with me at all times yesterday.  And they weren’t happy babies. they were cranky, squiggly and squirmy babies.  I think they are teething again because nobody could get comfy.  Once one was down, another would wake up, and so on.  My house looked like a tornado had hit it.  
One good thing was that dinner was ready when Chris got home, and Harper had actually eaten!  So, he took over and fed the boys to let me and Harper go for a little walk.  It was so very beautiful outside and the sun felt so good on my skin.  A big part of our neighborhood isn’t developed, so there is a lot of road we can walk on that isn’t dangerous.  We have a game we play to get Harper to actually keep up when we walk.  We get her to run and jump on the man hole covers to the rainwater/sewer things.  Harper would say run mama, so I would run and jump up on one of the manholes and wait for her and she was pumping her little arms and grinning from ear to ear.  She would step up onto them with me, and then say “Jjjjjjj-ump!”  and would jump off.  
We did this for a while until her little cheeks were bright pink and her hair was curling around her face.  We were both laughing and having the best time.  I knew it would happen where she looked up at me and said “hold you.”  (Her way of asking me to carry her – I don’t correct her b/c I know she will learn soon enough the “right” way to ask me to carry her.)  So, I just carried her up the hill and she rested on my shoulder.  It was pure delight.  At the top, I needed a rest, so I sat her down and we began to jump from manhole to manhole again.  
Then, came the most amazing blessing!  It started pouring rain while the sun was shining so very bright.  Harper was laughing and we were singing made up songs about praising Jesus and thanking him for the rain.  I kept looking for a rainbow, but never could see one.   
We were as soaked as could be by the time we round the corner to see our house and head home.  It was so nice just to walk and sing in the rain since there was no thunder.  I will never ever forget this memory.  Just as we rounded the corner, the rainbow was so bright and arched perfectly over our house.  I wish I had my camera.  It was so beautiful and breathtaking.  I could even see exactly where both ends of the rainbow touched down.  (I was looking for the pot of gold & little leprechaun, but never saw them – hee hee)  We made it back home, and Chris had a towel waiting for us.  I ran and got my camera to try to take a picture, but the little rainshower had already passed over. There was a little bit of a rainbow left, but it had arched away from our house.  (My picture doesn’t do it justice AT ALL).  I snapped a few pics, and then my camera battery died before I could change the settings.  Some things are only meant to be captured by the mind anyway.
My mood had completely changed when I came back inside.  I thanked the Lord from the bottom of my heart for showing me His presence & creation, as well as, for the gift that I was able to share such a sweet memory with Harper.  She may not remember it, but this is a record to tell her one day that we experienced this together.  The boys were fed and happy after dinner, so we all just played on the floor while it started raining again.  I love the image of the shadows of rain, so I tried to get this picture, but it turned out pretty pathetic.  
The little loves played until about 7:30 when we gave them their bottles and put them down to bed.  They were so happy the rest of the evening doing stuff like this:
Chris then received an email about a minivan we found on Craigs List.  The guy said it was available again.   (They had let a family friend who had lost everything in the flood borrow it)  We had been researching this vehicle and praying about it for the last 2 weeks.  We went and test drove it today, and the sale will be final tomorrow morning!  How amazing is that?!?  
Thanks to Mrs. Jean & Mrs. Debbie – my Thursday blessings (they’ve come every Thursday since the boys were teeny tiny).  They kept all 4 kiddos today while Chris and I were out trying to get everything squared away with the vehicle.  We now have a van to ride in & we celebrated by piling everyone in the van and going to Sonic for orange cream slushes!  
(this was a week or so ago with Mrs. Jean (left) and Mrs. Debbie (right) & Harper’s classic ‘smile’)
Oh & when I got home I had received some books I had ordered on Amazon that I wasn’t expecting until Saturday.  I’m telling you, it was just like Christmas today!  :-)  
Thank you, Lord for the many blessings you given us these past 2 days.  I know there are times of famine and there are times of feasting.  Both have their time and place, but I praise you for these blessings today. 
Now, off to bed~

5 thoughts on “Busy Blessed Days {36}

  1. What a precious day! So sorry that they didn’t nap (I know the feeling all too well of one going to sleep just as another is waking up!)…But praise the Lord for husbands who walk in and save the day with a break!

    Love that you spent some time just with Harper and that God gave you a rainbow. Precious, precious, precious.

    And welcome to the minivan club. They really are the best for families! Love you!

  2. What a great two days you’ve had…even if it began with a not so grand day! And please do tell Harper about that…my mom told me about one time when I saw a rainbow and the spontaneously said “Look, Mama, God’s promise!” I don’t remember that but my mom sure does and I’m so glad she shared it with me!

  3. thanks for sharing such a happy memory! isn’t it amazing how special moments like that can be with a little one? i love harper’s smile…it’s even better when outlined with chocolate :-)

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