Bullet Point Post.{44}

  • Went to the Farmer’s Market today & picked up our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with Harper. We got a basket full of squash, onions, cabbage, turnip greens (don’t know what to do with these), and strawberries. Harps & I immediately started eating the strawberries. They were the best I have ever had… they seriously melted in my mouth! We also got fresh eggs! Our flowers will have to wait, though. The flood took lots of them away. But, we will get some soon!
  • These are some eggs I got at the Farmer’s Market last week.  When I took one out of the fridge, you can see how “fresh” it is… there is a little feather on the left one!   I LOVE it!  Just wish I had chickens in my back yard! (You have to look really hard.  I thought I had focused in on the feather when I took the pic, but lo & behold the focus thing keeps on baffling me!  I need my sister to give me more lessons!)
  • Warner ended up with a fever today, too, but after his nap he is better. I think his is related to teething. I don’t see any more trying to poke through Warner’s gums yet… he still has 5. Maverick now has 6 & is working on 2 more. Crews has 5 & is working on two more, too.
  • We just went for a walk & it is dad blame hot outside. I’m hoping the heat tired everyone out. I know it sure did me. I could go to bed right now!
  • And because this is a random post… ever wonder what to do with your leftover baby food jars? i know that there are about a billion ideas (my M.I.L. is a preschool teacher), but one I thought of all by myself (I know you are proud) is to let Harper use it as a cup. It teaches her to be responsible with glass (and if it does break… I don’t really care)!
    Had to take a 5 hour blogging break to feed babies bottles and take temperatures (we currently have 3 of the 4 – excluding Crews – with fevers of 101) They are coughing and crying out in their sleep… so pitiful.  Kitchen is clean – check.  Coffee made – check.  Ready for Sunday – check.  Ready for bed – check check check!
    Night y’all ~

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    1. Hope the fevers go quickly! That is a great idea with the baby food jars. My friend used them for party favors (put jelly beans in them) at her son’s 1st b-day. I don’t know exactly how, but turnip greens are SOOOO good…maybe boiled! I love them with salsa. I really SHOULD check this out…I mean , I live in MS!!!

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