Birthday Weekend

Our weekend began on Friday with Chris having to work, and me trying to get the house in order for our visitors – Chris’ parents, Jo and Randy. Here is the first glimpse of our new townhouse… The GUEST ROOM! This is my furniture from when I was growing up, so each time I sit in that room it takes me back to high school!

We were so excited for the grandparents to come and visit! (I even IRONED the sheets for them! Have yall ever done that before? I always thought it was a stupid idea, but it makes you feel like you are staying at a hotel!!! I don’t usually do this… only for special occasions) Friday night we went out to Loveless Cafe. A great country cookin’ place in Nashville (featured for their biscuits on the Food Network.) It was so good! I love that while we were waiting to be seated, we were getting COLD outside! My favorite season is here! I left my camera at home, so no pictures of this night :-(

Saturday AM we woke up to coffee and cinnamon rolls. We hung out in our pj’s for most of the morning playing with Harper and doing odd ends around the house. We were very thankful for Grandy because he is the best fix-it man in the world! Chris and Grandy went to Home Depot to get a few items while I went to TJMaxx. Grandmama Jo kept Harper. I found some great things at The Maxx … I was looking for some antique looking plates to make a design on our wall above our bed. Since we moved from our ginormous bedroom in our GA house, to a much tinier one, we had to forgo our beautiful sleigh bed in order for all of our furniture to fit. It is in storage until we move into a home with a bigger Master bedroom :-) (which won’t be for a while). I will post some pics of our finished room and my *finds* later on – once I finish the room. I also got some really cute Franklin Covey accordion files that are cute and match our living room. They originally were $40 and I got them for $5 a piece! Hooray for deals!

Later that evening, Chris and I went on a date for my birthday. We went to see the movie Fireproof. Okay, if you haven’t seen this movie, GO SEE IT!!!! What an incredible challenge this movie gives. I really can’t say enough about it. I bawled my eyes out to the point where Chris and I were laughing because I was crying so much. I never cry in movies, but this one was real and good and challenging. I want to be a better wife. I want to be selfless. I want to love Chris the way Caleb loves his wife (in the movie). After the movie, we went to Lifeway to get a copy of The Love Dare book (featured in the movie). Then we went to grab a quick bite to eat at Sonic with a Reese’s Blast for dessert – YUM TO MY TUM It was a fun date night with my hubby to celebrate my birthday!

Sunday, we went to the early service at church. We got to hear Monti’s testimony – a guy who had be radically changed by Jesus Christ last June from a lifestyle of addictions. He stood on the stage as a completely changed man speaking of what Jesus had done in His life… a life that he never thought would change. He sang an amazing song about his changed life, and how he is completely dependent on Jesus every day. Of course, the church stood and applauded for this miracle that we could see.

Our pastor then BROUGHT IT by preaching a sermon about Peter preaching and having 3,000 people come to know the Lord. He said while this is amazing, the part of the verse that floored him was when it says, “And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” (Acts 2:47) Not only were 3,000 people saved… that is A LOT of people. Think about it. But, more were added daily. THAT is the transforming power of Jesus Christ. He then asked us a question/ made the statement that we should STILL be seeing this happening more often. Why don’t we? God hasn’t changed! We are te selfish ones and keep the gospel hidden in our hearts. He said we should be hearing stories like Monti’s on a regular basis because THAT is the God we worship. I know that I am not the best at sharing my faith, but I have really been challenged lately to tell what God has done in my life. I’ve been reading a book by James Choung called True Story. It is a way to share your faith that condenses it down into a simpler/ not so scary approach. I have several people I am praying for that I hope to share this amazing gift with. Please join me in this journey… If you want more info on this book. Here is a website about the book.

On a lighter note, all throughout the church service, there was a man yelling “AMEN” after EVER-Y-THING our pastor said. As our pastor was wrapping up, I started getting really angry because the *amen-er* was being so distracting, but then, I got so tickled at this man that I almost laughed out loud. I mean, come on! We get it.. you agree!

So after a power packed and convicting service, I got to choose our place to eat since it was my b-day. I chose…Genghis Grill. Later that afternoon we hugged the grandparents bye and took naps on the couches while Harper napped upstairs. Once we woke up, Chris asked me what our plans were for the evening and what I wanted to do. We went to Home Depot (not my choice, but had to go exchange something) and then onto Publix to get the Sunday paper. I have decided to start a new job… THE GROCERY GAME! I’ll be posting more on this later because its kind of my new addiction (thanks TARA!) It hopefully will save us hundreds of dollars!!! :-)

After getting the paper, we were then onto McDonald’s! For some strange reason, I wanted McDonald’s on my birthday! I know weird and gross. But, it’s what I wanted, and it was my birthday so calories don’t count. ha! In a kind of a weird way, it took me back to being 4 and made me feel young again. But, let me tell you this Mickey D’s was swanky!!! I took pictures. They didn’t turn out as great as I remembered, but maybe you can see some of the modern features it has.

The *silver* M on glass…

Notice the circular booth style seating behind Chris… as well as the light fixtures…

My Birthday Dessert… apple pie, ice cream, and coffee… very inexpensive, but tasty!

And the birthday girl with her *cake*…

All in all I had a great birthday weekend, but come Monday… a whole different story. There is already a post in action about my lovely Monday. Will be up soon…

4 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend

  1. Man I’m so jealous of your birthday cake… I’m not sure if you know or not BUT the Bakers are huge fans of McDonalds and we eat it on all of our road trips!! Glad you had such a great birthday weekend! Love the pics of your guest bedroom!

  2. What a great birthday! And from one McDonald’s fan to another…I think that was a great way to end your day!

    We haven’t seen FireProof yet but definitely want to- Everyone has said exactly what you did: AMAZING!

    And I’m so glad that you are going to do the Grocery Game! You will love it!!! Let me know if you have any questions!

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