Big Announcement!!!!!!!


haha… did you think I was going to announce I was pregnant again?  haha HA HA HA HAHA
nope… maybe one day..maybe… MAYBE…Not sure… but not today!

Big things are coming… Here are some hints… 

#1. She will be involved.

#2.  Numbers will be included.

#3. Challenges lay ahead.

And now, I’m going to go finish reading my Jodi Picoult novel… anyone else like her?  She is riveting.

Peace and chicken grease (that is dedicated to my husband)~

5 thoughts on “Big Announcement!!!!!!!

  1. Oh, I guessed the same as everyone else. My second guess is that her business is taking off and the numbers are shoots and the challenges are keeping up with it all….

  2. Not fair! You can not leave us hanging like that. And my first thought was the exact same one as Jodi… Please tell us!

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