An Update Finally… 22 weeks and 3 days

Hello Friends and Family!

Sorry it has been so long since I’ve updated! We have been quite busy around here lately, and since I’m not feeling sick anymore, time is flying by!

Hmmmm… lets see what I can fill you in on…

1st… we have a name!!! Harper Grace Blanton… Chris was laying on the couch one night and the name just “came to him” No family history or anyone that we know with that name. We BOTH like it – which was a first, so as we mulled over it the next few days, we definitely knew that was her name!

2nd… here is the update for almost 5 1/2 months along….

How far along? 22 weeks and 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: 15 pounds

Maternity clothes? In full swing! Just received a TON from my next door neighbor! Now at least I’m not wearing the same things over and over and over again!!!!

Stretch marks? hmmmm… a few have developed, but not on my tummy! 😉

Sleep: well, sleep is wonderful right now. I sleep like I am in a coma! I don’t hear anything, and Chris says I have picked up a new little hobby… snoring. Oh how delightful! I don’t want to be a snorer! That is gross! Hopefully, it will go a way once Harper arrives! He says I only do it every now and then… so maybe there is hope!

Best moment this week: shopping for my little girl on Saturday at the outlet mall, i got sooo many cute things – her crib dust ruffle, a bumper pad, 2 cute little outfits I couldn’t resist, and a shadow box frame.

Movement: TONS!!! I’m trying to start keeping a kick count, but its hard! I just make sure she moves some every hour. She really goes to town when I’m eating. :-) She must like food like her mama!

Food cravings: Cinnamon rolls or muffins

Gender: Its a GIRL!

Labor Signs: none thank goodness! Although I did have a little scare about 2 weeks ago. I had some cramping all across my abdomen, but it turned out just to be her growing and stretching me out! That happened Friday, and Sunday I had so many people coming up to me saying – oh my gosh, you actually look pregnant now!

Belly Button in or out? in, but shallow!

Wedding rings on or off? off… only b/c they have been giving my finger a weird rash! I’m going to have them cleaned and see if that helps at all!

What I miss:eating a good hot dog. Weird, I don’t really even like hot dogs all that much, but since I can’t have them, I just want one.

What I am looking forward to: Chris feeling her move, AND starting to do stuff for the nursery! I will post a pic of what we are hoping for her nursery to turn out like!

Weekly Wisdom: start collecting stuff now! Especially diapers! I try to buy 1 pack every time I go to the grocery store. I’m collecting all sizes so we will have some back ups. I know we will go through them so fast!

Milestones: Finally choosing a name – Harper Grace! Going shopping for Harper, and feeling her move all the time!