A Little Project for Harper

Harper’s hairbows have been out of control since she was born. We have a wonderful friend in GA who is the hairbow QUEEN, and her little girl wanted to pass all of them onto Harper…so sweet!!! I find them all over her room, and when I need a certain one, I sometimes can’t find it… which is very frustrating when you are trying to get out the door.

I saw one of these on another blog, and thought I could make that! So, tonight I gathered up my coupons & went to Michael’s. There was also a ton of ribbon on sale for a $1, so I gathered up quite a few of those, too!

Here’s how I did it…
I got a mini canvas, and painted it.

I let it dry, and the painted the word “BOWS” on it. I considered writing Harper or a big “H” on it, but then if we have another girl or girl-S, then I wanted to re-use it for them. I hot-glued ribbon onto the back of it, and then tied extra ribbon on the hanger to make it more fun :-)

Then I hung it up, and put her bows on it! They are all organized now, and super cute!

4 thoughts on “A Little Project for Harper

  1. Soooo cute, Mary Lindsey!

    Natalie has one of these and we use it everyday! Harper (and any future girls) will enjoy theirs too! I love how organized it makes all the bows!!!!

  2. Super cute. Look at you being all crafty and such. And P.S. I finally put you on my blogroll today. Just wanted you to know you’ve really been my friend all along, but not its all legit. Facebook, blogs, oh, and real life too. :) LOVES!

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