A Little Bit About Us…

As I sit here tonight, FINALLY updating our blog, I have to pause about ever 7.5 seconds to put Harper’s paci back in! She is so tired, but I’m trying to wait to put her down for bed with her last feeding. So in the mean time – I’ve got 15 minutes, I’m going to try to update this.


So, this blog thing is much more difficult to do with a baby. I have lots of thoughts – deep ones,moving ones – but they all happen around 3 AM. OR maybe they just SEEM deep through the sleep haze. I am making this way more difficult than need be – as I do many things in life. So, I’m just going to update this with what we are up to…

– Harper rolled over yesterday for the first time! From her back to her tummy. We actually didn’t get to SEE the process, but found her like this….It was funny.

– I am ready to start exercising seriously now. On Saturday we had a fun summer day. We went to the park and I started running some. It felt so good to push myself. I also got to vacuum my car. Having a clean car is just simply delightful.

– Harper is laughing out loud these days and it is the BEST sound in the world. When we figure out how to upload videos we’ve taken of her, then we will, but until then you will just have to imagine the cutest baby in the world making the cutest and funniest and most precious sound in the world (at least in her mama and daddy’s eyes (and ears) !!!)

– Lately, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with laundry. I love it when all my baskets are empty. But this usually lasts only around an hour or two before Harper spits up or poops on something. So, I enjoy those two hours before the laundry starts up again.

– Chris has been working hard on getting ready for his first mission trips (in Nashville) and camps this year. He does such a great job working hard while at work, but then coming home and unwinding with us. Oh, and did I mention that Harper LOVES her Daddy SO much! She just talks and coos and laughs at him. It is so precious.

– We are so very excited about Nancy and Will’s upcoming wedding! We will go visit for almost 3 weeks!

Okay, well I’m off to enjoy another cup of coffee before the little squirt wakes up. She was up 2 times last night. Two steps forward, one step back…

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  1. Love when you update with what’s going on with you! I feel the same way about laundry, though the empty baskets never quite seem to last as long as I’d like them to!

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