6 Week PostPartum Check Up

Well this is running a little behind sched, but here is a pic with me & my nurse practitioner, Tracie.

Dr.K had to be in an emergency c-section so she couldn’t be there… total bummer! We will go back and visit in the spring once the boys can get out more & this piggy flu is going around.

Speaking of… Harp’s had a fever of 102 today. She has been acting fine, so I’m hoping it’s just a fever thing. If you think of it, please pray that she doesn’t have anything bad & that she gets well soon!

Thanks so much…

hugs & kisses

4 thoughts on “6 Week PostPartum Check Up

  1. Silas and I are praying for Harper to feel better! He feels her pain since he was so sick last week. I’ve loved all your updating…the Lord has been truly gracious to you guys. And those boys are too cute!

  2. I pray that Harper will get better. We have been staying home with our twin babies (12 weeks old) as well as our 4yo and 2yo for the same reason. The two older ones because they inevitably get sick and give it to the babies. Although we watch the service on the internet, we struggle with wanting to be there. As a matter of fact, we actually took everyone two weeks ago… only to have all six of us sick by Wednesday. Poor little babies couldn’t breathe. I guess we’ll have to wait a while. At least we didn’t end up with the flu. Hang tight with those precious babies. I so enjoy your blog.

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