37 weeks… FULL TERM BABY!

Well, I am officially full term! Harper can come out whenever she wants to now!

I went to the DR on Wednesday and she told me that my body is getting ready! Yay! I was 70% effaced and Harper is at 0 Station! I know I could walk around a while like this, but at least I know my body is progressing in some way or another. Come out Harper!!!!

This morning we went to meet our pediatrician, Dr. Leeper, and I LOVE him! He is so personable and makes me feel very confident that Harper will be in wonderful hands! He is also very funny – Chris had fun laughing and joking with him.

Nancy, Elizabeth, and Sam are in town this weekend so we are going to hang out and have some girl time before Harper arrives. Below is what Nancy wrote me about our plans for the weekend….

i have already planned our weekend:
we’ll arrive thursday night
friday morning we’ll go to the pancake pantry and meet another celebrity
pedicures, lunch at that yummy little place, then….
friday night around 9 YOU go into LABOR
chris, me, and the girls trade off ice chip runs (for you) and coffee runs (for us) all night at the hospital
mom and the inlaws arrive early that morning (3am-ish)
you have harper at 7 am on saturday morning!
that whole day, we switch off taking naps, holding harper, and caring for you, hg and chris!
saturday night you are well enough to go home
we get you all settled in and help with your first night… (unless you and chris want to beast it.. then we’ll be at the hotel :))
sunday morning we do errands for diapers, pacefiers, , get you all settled in as a mommy, then we all go back to boone that afternoon!

just let harper know of those plans, so she can come when she’s supposed to! haha LOVE you!
aunt nancy
We’ll see if that happens… I would LOVE to go into labor tonight, but I really don’t want to go home the night I have her :-) haha! I want to stay in the hospital and be taken care of!

Well, we are off to eat at the Pancake Pantry again! Maybe we will meet another celebrity like last week… I will have to write that story later… for now, pancakes are hollering my name!