37 weeks 5 days SURVEY

How far along? 37 weeks 5 Days

Total weight gain/loss: Around 41 lbs… it fluctuates up and down a few pounds… depending on if I’m retaining water. Haven’t gained but 3 lbs in the last few weeks.

Maternity clothes? I can’t wait to be in normal clothe again! Harper has dropped this week, and hardly any of my clothes will stay put and cover my belly. They slowly start riding up, and my belly is hanging out the bottom… ha ha.. so redneck!

Stretch marks? not many! My belly has two way down low since Harper has dropped down some. I also have a tiny one on my right hip and a little one on my left thigh.

Sleep: some nights good, some nights bad. I usually wake up 3 times a night to tinkle though!

Best moment this week: Have Nancy come visit

Movement: more rolling around. Something of hers… bottom maybe? is up underneath my ribs on the right side sometimes and just plain hurts!

Food cravings: ice cream

Gender: It’s a girl… confirmed once again at our last u/s appointment two mondays ago.

Labor Signs: Strong braxton hicks contractions. Nothing that takes my breath away, but I can definitely feel them!

Belly Button in or out? OUT! The turkey timer says she’s done!!!

Wedding rings on or off? off, but wearing my cool wal-mart wedding rings 😉 hah!

What I miss: being able to walk without pain, turning over easily in the middle of the night, drinking coffee and not having heartburn afterwards, having my old body back, running, working out… and the list could continue.

What I am looking forward to: hmmm… BIRTH! Seeing Harper’s face, holding her hand, kissing her feet… oh the fun!

Weekly Wisdom: live each day as it comes to the full… stop the countdowns… it makes each day like it is taking way too long!

Full term! and Nancy’s visit this past weekend… our last one alone for a while!

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